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Walk anothers path
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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Greensburg Kansas (Tornado Aftermath)

....and this is why we help each other. GET IT?

Greensburg, Kansas
Tornado Disaster Assistance Needed

Greensburg needs your help with reconstruction.
Please send your donations to:
Greensburg Rebuilding Fund
%Greensburg State Bank
P. O. Box 787
Greensburg, Kansas 67054
Every dollar you donate will go to rebuilding our city

Friday, May 4, 2007

A human being should be able to change

“A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.”

Robert A. Heinlein

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Is New Mexico ready for the 21st Century?

I mentioned in my last post. I was looking for more information that might help me, my neighbors and my community concerning the flooding some land owners are experiencing on the Rio Ojo Claiente. Our Community and the Rio Ojo Caliente and far worse off than I realized.

We have all heard recently that Global Warming is becoming a "HOT TOPIC". No pun intended. Just how hot.

What are the impacts of CLIMATE CHANGE in New Mexico.
What Gov. Richardson has to say. LINK:
December 30, 2005

NOTE: This report was published 2005.
Natural Systems

Climate change is likely to have significant impacts on the ecosystems of New Mexico’s forests, grasslands, deserts, lakes and streams. Predicting the specific impacts is difficult because of the complexity of natural systems, with each species responding in its own way to the physical environment and with multiple interactions among species.

As each species responds individually to its changed environment, existing plant or animal communities will likely change as new assemblages of species form. Changes in ecosystem structure and functioning will often be abrupt rather than continuous and gradual.

Aquatic systems are particularly vulnerable to climate change because they will be impacted not only by warmer temperatures but also by changes in the timing and amount of water. Climate change is expected to result in a significant loss of aquatic habitat.

Habitat suitable for coldwater fish (e.g., trout) is expected to shrink, with replacement by warmwater fish species. Extinction rates of many endemic species of the eastern plains is expected to increase. Riparian ecosystems are expected to experience losses and decline, with a reduction in species diversity.

Change in terrestrial ecosystems will include shifts in the timing of seasonal life history events such as breeding of birds, insects or amphibians, and flowering of plants. Geographic ranges are expected to shift to the north and to higher elevations. Some species trapped on isolated mountain ranges could become locally extinct if the mountain is not high enough to provide suitable alternative habitat and the species cannot disperse across intervening deserts to other mountaintops.

Invasions of non-native species are likely, but species diversity may be reduced.
Shrubs such as mesquite and creosotebush are likely to further invade grasslands. Forests are likely to experience more catastrophic wildfires, and more massive dieback due to drought stress and insect outbreaks. Alpine meadows may largely disappear from New Mexico.

This is one paragraph of a 52 page document. Please read the entire 52 pages. It is critical information to you, your families and to our community to New Mexico, and really it is a Global concern.

I mentioned 2010. my next post will discuss 2010 and 2030. What's next? What can be done? What is being done. What we can do.

This BLOG is still about the Community and the Rio Ojo Caliente we just have to look at it harder. We must do this for our children and we must act now.

Somos vecinos, nosotros debemos tomar el cuidado del comunidad

Friday, April 27, 2007

The Democrats’ First 2008 Presidential Debate

The Democrats’ First 2008 Presidential Debate
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Published: April 27, 2007
The following is a transcript of the 2008 Democratic primary presidential debate hosted by MSNBC. The participants were Senator Joesph Biden, Senator Hillary Clinton, Senator Christopher Dodd, John Edwards, John Gravel, Rep. Dennis Kucinich, Senator Barack Obama, Governor William Richardson and the debate was moderated by Brian Williams. Transcribed by the Federal News Service, a private transcription agency.

Just in case you wanted it. I read them and listened to the Debate. As normal some questions were not answered. I had a open mind coming into this first debate. I think Dennis Kucinich was the only one who really spoke to a different path. Radical to think that peace might work instead of war. I'LL KEEP LISTENING. Republicans are next. Next week I believe. I'll post info here. A new balance between business too! get out of politics and get SUPPORT the American People not your pockets. Vote with your $$$ too. Business can feel that and politicians who don't get what that majority wants...OUT EM.VOTE Like Bush Said. "If your not with us" Bush is not with us. He's on a way different mission. Glad that part in one way or another will end in 2008. No one raised a hand supporting the American People calls for Impeachment. WHY?

First Democratic Presidential Debate 07

This is CLIP 2 From Utube User Added April 27, 2007 From acurajustin

Thanks acurajustin. Glad someone is getting this. Where was on on local or national media. Not in NM. What's up. This is our president we're talking about and our media does what... Shows us crap.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Rio Ojo Caliente. MY NEW BLOG

Check out my new BLOG. Its about te Rio Ojo Caliente River. We live close. Close enough to be concerned about the recent flooding. Yea.... Yea.... I know. Buyer BEWARE!. It's the cost one must pay tolive close to water. Our choice as well as some of our neighbors choices too!

We all have to work together. Perhaps this will show us how.


Monday, March 5, 2007

Man With A Movie Camera - R2D2 - Cinematic Orchestra

An excerpt from the 1929 film by Dziga Vertov. Great Music and wonderful camera and editing work.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Simple Thoughts


When you want to focus your hearing
Use your hands to partically cover your ears
You know... like when you were a child.
Listening to the Ocean
As an Boater scouting a river and knowing the tones
of calm or danger as they eco from the canyon below.....

Listen carefully. In nature it is so much more simple.
No distractions to just listening... especially if your all alone.
Love yourself, nature,your family and all nations.

I'll see you at or in the river. Go with the flow!!

UTube ( YOU CHOOSE 08 )

In the "News". UTube announces "YOUCHOOSE 08.
In the media this is being touted as an opportunity to share your voice, make video comments and alike. Some allow comments and some do not. For the one's that do not.... WHERE IS OUR VOICE, How willl they hear us and support our communities and our vote? They have their voice. Make sure we have ours. Thanks.

Speaking of Thanks... A Day of Thanksgiving....
Are we as a world THANKFUL and Blessed? Are we living this dream. Are all People and Nations Thankful and blessed? ( THIS IS NOT JUST AN AMERICAN DREAM )

Hillary: Comments not allowed
McCain: Commnets not allowed?
Oboma Comments Allowed?
Joe Bidendot: Allowed comments.
Rudy Giulian. No comments allowed
Bill Richardson. Allowed Comments.
Gov Mitt Romney:Allowed comments
John Edwards allowed comments
Kucinich 2008 Allowed Comments

We need to have voice and to have a president who will truly lead US. We are facing many issues and some will be very pressing in the next few years.
A few concerns I have are.

Peak Oil, US Economy, 911 The Truth, Global Warming to mention a few. America do not be seperated, We are a Great PEOPLE and it's time for US ALL to Be working on the same page. We need to get it right this time. Make sure your " OUR" voice is heard and you vote count. I'm not a Rebublican or Democrat ( I've gone both ways. I'm for the one who will real make changes I am a US CITIZEN an American, your neighbor, and a friend.... I am a world citizen. Let's get it done... right this time.... Stop that HATE and BE ONE....Thanks

Oh Yea! We need a President who will STOP the fear mongering an UNITE all world communities as one....

One voice Silenced JFK

Another Voice Silenced MLK

What have we learned?
Theodore Roosevelt: Conserving America's Future. Not just America. THE WORLD!

Corporate Coup in the U.S.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

The Time Machine

I like old movies and there are a bunch on Google Video


Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Friday, February 9, 2007



It's up to the young people.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

New Mexico- Impeachment THIS FIRDAY.


- FIRST SESSION, 2007INTRODUCED BY Gerald P. Ortiz y Pino

It passed... So now what? See the proceeding for yourself and act locally.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Dick Cheney, Peak Oil and the Final Count Down

Dick Cheney in London 1999: “Oil is unique in that it is so strategic in nature. We are not talking about soapflakes or leisurewear here. Energy is truly fundamental to the world's economy. The Gulf War was a reflection of that reality.”

Dick Cheney, Peak Oil and the Final Count Down
By Kjell Aleklett
Uppsala University, Sweden
President of the Association for the Study of Peak Oil
May 12, 2004

"How Do I Know This Isn't Just Fear-Mongerin-PEAK OIL"

"How Do I Know This Isn't Just Fear- Mongering by Loony-Environmentalists?"

If you think what you are reading on this page is the product of a loony-left nut, consider what Representative Roscoe Bartlett (Republican, Maryland) has had to say in speeches to Congress or what billionaire investor Richard Rainwater has had to say in the pages of Fortune Magazine.

On March 14, 2005 Bartlett gave an extremely thorough presentation to Congress about the frightening ramifications of Peak Oil. During his presentation Representative Bartlett, who may be the most conservative member of Congress, quoted from this site extensively, citing the author (Matt Savinar) by name on numerous occasions, while employing several analogies and examples originally published on this site. You can read the full congressional record of Representative Bartlett's presentation by clicking here. You can view a video of Bartlett recommending the article you are now reading to Resources for the Future, an extremely influential DC think tank, by clicking here.

On April 19, 2005 Representative Bartlett was interviewed on national television. Again, he referenced the article you are now reading:

One of the writers on this starts his article by saying, 'Dear Reader, Civilization as we know it will end soon.' Now your first impulse is to put down the article. This guy's a nut. But if you don't put it down and read through the article, you're hard-pressed to argue with his conclusions.

On May 12, 2005 Representative Bartlett gave another presentation about Peak Oil on the floor of the House of Representatives, stating that this website "galvanized" him. On July 19, 2005 he had the following to say:

Mr. Speaker, if you go to your computer this evening and do a Google search for peak oil, you will find there a large assortment of articles and comments. Like every issue, you will find a few people who are on the extreme, but there will be a lot of mainstream observations there.

One of the articles that you will find there was written by Matt Savinar. Matt Savinar is not a technical person. He is a lawyer, a good one, and he does what lawyers do. He goes to the sources and builds his case. Matt Savinar could be correct when he said, "Dear Reader, civilization as we know it is coming to an end soon.'' I would encourage you, Mr. Speaker, to pull up his article and readit. It is really very sobering.

In subsequent speeches, Representative Bartlett read large excerpts of this site verbatim into the official US Congressional record. He has also frequently quoted a surprisingly frank September 2005 report from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers entitled "Energy Trends and Their Implications for U.S. Amry Installations." The report candidly explains among other things, that:

. . . energy consumption is indispensable to our standard of living and a necessity for the Army to carry out its mission. However, current trends are not sustainable. The impact of excessive, unsustainable energy consumption may undermine the very culture and activities it supports . . .

Bartlett isn't the only prominent conservative extremely concerned about these matters. According to the December 26, 2005 issue of Fortune Magazine, Richard Rainwater, a multi-billionaire investor and friend of George W. Bush, reads this site regularly. In an article entitled "Energy Prophet of Doom" Fortune reporter Oliver Ryan writes:

"Rainwater," the voice on the phone announces. "Now, type L-A-T-O-C into Yahoo, and scroll down to the seventh item." Rainwater doesn't use e-mail. Rather, he uses rapid-fire phone calls to spread the gospel he discovers every morning on the web. One day it might be the decline of arable land in Malaysia. The next it could be the Olduvai theory of per capita energy consumption. "L-A-T-O-C" stands for LifeAfterTheOilCrash.net, a blog edited by Matt Savinar, 27, of Santa Rosa, Calif.

The Fortune article goes on to quote Rainwater as saying:

The world as we know it is unwinding with respect to Social Security, pensions, Medicare. We're going to have dramatically increased taxes in the U.S. I believe we're going into a world where there's going to be more hostility. More people are going to be asking, 'Why did God do this to us?' Whatever God they worship. Alfred Sloan said it a long time ago at General Motors, that we're giving these things during good times. What happens in bad times? We're going to have to take them back, and then everybody will riot. And he's right.

Apparently, Richard Rainwater and Alfred Sloan aren't the only people expecting large scale civil unrest in the foreseeable future. In January 2006, the Department of Homeland Security gave Halliiburton subsidiary Kellog, Brown, & Root a $400 million dollar contract to build vast new domestic detention camps. While the camps are ostensibly being built to house and process an "emergency influx of immigrants", one can't help but suspect they will be used to house domestic citizens who respond to the economic fallout of declining oil production by taking to the streets.

Monday, February 5, 2007

How to Yurt ( Pert 5) Interior. Platform and Stuff

How to Yurt (Part 5)
The insides. First shots are just after moving in. Winter came along so we needed to move indoors and get some more work done. We build a loft. Benches, Installed our stove and tile work. The loft: Anchored to the floor in several places also the benches help give the platform support and stability. The other benches are used for storage and sitting and sleeping spaces for guests. Under the bed is an office space which has a desk and under the benches is storage for files. Like a file cabinet.

We looked around for padding for the benches. Reg. Foam was to expensive so we kept shopping till we found a great deal on some cushions. We paid 50.00 instead of 400.00 that worked for us. The additions have really made the place. Next we are working on insulating the top. We’re making individual panels for each rafter section. Not insulating like suggested. Why: Condensation. Seems to be an issue in most of the yurts I’ve lived in and been in. We’re hoping our fix will work out great. I think so.. But come back later to find out how it goes. Next video. Our Yurt warming party. Lots of people and friends came to see our yurt. Many were interested in a yurt of their own. We took a tour of other yurts in the area as well so we could compare. It was a great weekend.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

How to Yurt (Part 4) Alterations and Platform

How to Yurt (Part 4) Some of our fixes, modifications and our platform.

The Platform. Is your foundation. Make it exact or the fit will be poor and will effect the shape and strength on your yurt. There are many platform plans available or should be from your MFGR. We looked at several and built our own using several of the options provided. 2”x10”x12’ for the cross bracing. 4”x6”x10 for the main supports, joist hangers, main anchors 4’ in concrete w/rebar enforcing. 2”x6”x4’ small cross bracing 24” on center. Insulated bottom, Cut Vents in the floor for cool air draw.

Sanded and Sealed top deck 1’ TG. We used the temp blocks with the crosses cut in the top to set our platform frame out on, and get level and plum. Removed them and placed concrete filled blocks at critical load points. Under Stove and other places 12 in all besides the five deep concrete main anchors. Whatever you do make a good platform. Check with your specific MFGR for their SPEC’s. Get all the info before you begin. Some MFGRS have wall length’s cut to very specific lengths or sizes with hardware for attaching included. These types of walls make portability a WIZZ. Ours came long and had to be cut to the desired length. We fastened or attached the walls to the frame with a concrete board. Fire proof, Waterproof and will not rot.

Some of our Alterations. Some offered my MFGR and others to improve function and our needs.
Windows. Cut in 3 straps. Allows windows to close or open to any height. Supports window better. No bending. Windows: Roll a cloth inside when up. Limits scratching.

Rafter ends and Wall Ends. Padded as they were not rounded and were causing wear points.

Stove: When in use clean out stove pipes often. Safety is No Accident! We used a cement board behind the stove to protect the walls and installed two 12 volt fans. One to push air and the other to keep the Stove pipe cooler.

Door Treatment ( Frame Molding ). We liked our treatment better that’s all. Formed a better exterior line and finish.

Moving Snow: Cleaning your top and Walls. A Pool Brush Works Great. LONG HANDLE.

We’ll have more on the insides soon. Banco’s (Benches) Loft Sleeping Space, Office Space, Hanging Space. Regular furniture does not work in a yurt. My opinion. Excuse me…

We did not use steps for our entry. Wood chips piled up near level and inset sand stone walk. It’s like a ramp and easier for Grandma..

Yurt (Part 3) Stove Kit, Top Cover and Windows

Yurt (Part 3) Stove Kit, Top Cover and Windows

The Stove Kit in our case consisted of the Kevlar Patch and glue. That was about it. There were no instructions for set up. The Mfgr had no documents or picts available to aid us in set up. ( a 11 page manual was provided but had little in the way of picts to show what they were telling you to do. (Spent hours on the phone) I used the stove set up information from our Yurt in Alaska (Pacific Yurts). It worked fine on our stove. ( We will post up some new more complete picts of our stove and install along with other tips soon. Parts 4---- Whatever. Thanks again and share good Yurt stuff.

Top Cover: This was a problem from the start. No mention that the Top cover we'd be getting was not a HARD DOME. Did not discover till a week or so into the order. At the time the MFGR did not have a Hard Dome available. (Bummer) but I was assured it was in the works and we could get one.

Never did get one. Issues with the Soft Top. Wind makes it flap and lets air flow in as the cover is buffeted by the wind. Our Top Cover also had a tear in the seam. A sewing mistake looks like. It leaked till we sewed a patch and sealed it. Also the Soft Cover is attached to the top vis 4 ropes.

The ropes go from the top to anchors at the bottom side of the Yurt. The ropes themselves are causing wear points as they go over the side of the wall. We have padded these wear points to minimize wear. The cover is also not easy to take off or slightly open to allow air flow. When loosened it slides off and takes more than one person to put back on or at least two makes it easier.

Last note on Top Cover. ( also Rafters) The Mfgr sent replacement rafters (8) sent to the wrong address and refused I guess to address our other issues. Hard Dome and some Glue. So we're left to figure out a Hard Dome on own. Should mention the Mfgr did send a replacement Soft Cover even after asking them not to. We wanted a Hard Dome. Not another Soft Cover and we would have paid for it (Hard Dome w/opener) too! No Freebies here.. (No Freebie pages either!!! Tips the Mfgr said he would send to help us with other stuff. I have no idea what these were as we never got them.) Stay tuned for part 4. The Platform and some of our fixes, alterations, and ideas.. Thanks.Hulih20!

Last note on Top Cover: We had two grommets pull out in winds in excess of 60mph. Mfgr said we installed the ropes improperly. There were no instructions. Our fix. Sew a double patch and re-punch and install a new grommet. All's good now I guess. Still would like a Hard Dome. Got Ideas?

Windows and Window treatment. We ordered our window placement @ 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock, door @ 12 noon and our Stove Kit would be installed at 6 o'clock. We received our Yurt and discovered our placement was not as ordered. (Mfgr. said the got it as close as possible.. Door @ 12, Window One at 9 o'clock or 9:30 Stove kit we moved to 1 o'clock and the other window is located 2:30 o'clock.) Effected our planned interior design and the placement. We wanted to take advantage of the SUN more effectively. This we’ll also remedy this summer. New Windows. Larger too!

Window Treatments. Strings! That was the extent of the Window Treatment. What is used to hold the windows open. The string ends were not sealed at the factory and quickly came undone. We made our own window closures. ( 3 straps) which allow us to open and close easily and to any level from wide open to just a slit. The cost for this fix was about $10.00 in straps and a bit of glue.

Velcro does not align at the bottom of the window and the glued seams also at the bottom of the window are coming loose. Lastly. Sewing. Most of the windows sewing is SINGLE Stitched. I would prefer double stitching as it would be stronger. We have to be careful in opening and closing the zippers so we do not pull out the stitching. We'll fix this summer.

Again. Modifications will VOID our (your) warranty. We never got a warranty and have asked many times. No response. So I guess we have no warranty and any of the other modifications we had to make like the wall attachment cuts to fit the door. Not covered.

Specifically from our Mfgr.
REMEMBER, DAMAGE DURING SETUP IS NOT COVERED UNDER ANY WARRENTY, SO TAKE YOUR TIMEAND CALL IF YOU HAVEANY PROBLEMS FIRST.THE GOLDEN RULES This is important! Violation of any of these rules .will void your warranty, could damage your yurt, and could result in injury.

Even they know Safety is no ACCIDENT! Re… watch yourself always. Protect you, your investments and your Yurt it's perhaps your home,shelter,getaway. Enjoy and share your alternative living story fo others.

Question: What is the difference between Yurt Mfgrs. Same size yurt. # of Rafters, Seams, Double vs Single Stitching, Fabrics, Materials, Certified Plans, Hard Dome vs Soft Top. Where are you intending to set up your Yurt. Wilderness, In the City or on rual property. What will you use it for. Living, playing, meditation? These are so many uses for Yurts. But if one costs say $5000.00 and the other costs $10,000.00 there must be a difference or your paying more or less for what? Our lack of really understanding, learning, fact finding our way towards a decision to purchase. so get informed.

If your in the wilderness like Alaska whatever you buy better be able to take it. Wind and Snow Kits may be necessary. You can not afford to have something go wrong and when it does and your several thousands of miles away from your Yurt Mfgr. How willl they respond. Again. Pacific Yurts responded in a week with new walls (THANKS). A bear decided he wanted a look. We later raised the Yurt some 13'. Not sure that will help much. Kodiak Brown (Grizzzzzzzly) Bears RULE the Alaska wilderness. Your at least one down on the food chain in AK.

Yurt (Part 2) Rafters Walls, Seams

Yurt Part 2 ( Rafters, Walls and Seams.)
As mentioned in Part 1. Inspect your order before you accept delivery. Rafters 8 bent, three not notched at the factory. Bent rafters according to MFGR can effect you Yurts structure. This is why it is important to document. So the MFGR can not say it was your fault in some way i.e. a bad set up on your part. Our Mfgr says NO YURT MFGRS WARRANTY RAFTERS. I wonder. Check Your Order.

Walls. Our Mfgr says their walls were designed to INTERLOCK and not overlap. Not big deal really. I have had experience with overlapping walls. I guess we should expect to get what the Mfgr promises in their literature and on their website. The explanation from the MFGR. It was an old design. Why did we get a old design and still have to wait several months for our order to ship. We don't know. Also at the time of ordering. There was an offer for a FREE UPGRADE to 7' walls. We asked about the upgrade but were to late I guess. (Ask as many questions as it takes to make sure your getting it what your ordering.)

Other wall notes: Some Mfgr's round the tops of their walls. I guess this is to minimize wear on your top cover. We padded our rafter and wall ends where they meet the top cover to minimize wear which was obvious fairly quickly, and we will this summer sand all wear points on the walls and rafters so we minimize this wear issue. Also on the walls. Some Mfgrs. inset the rivets. This is also a wear point in not inset. Especially if you do not insulate your walls. Lastly. The attachment of the walls to the door frame. We had a real problem with this. Could not fit the walls to the door properly. The Mfgr suggested we cut 1" off the top of the wall section to make the hinge fit. As you can see in the picture we did as instructed but the fit is still POOR. Only attaches by one screw. Our Mfgr stated that any modifications to our Yurt VOIDED our WARRANTY. What about the modifications we were asked to do by the MFGR. Are they covered. I don't think so. We never got a Warranty. Why. The Mfgr's Lawyers were still working on it after eight years. Ask for a copy of warranties before you order. Sounds reasonable! "CYOA" too!

Seams. All SEWN SEAMS need to be Seam Sealed unless sealed at the factory. Double Check. ( Seam Sealer Not Provided. ) ASK. The more seams the more likely problems you might face. Our Yurt as you'll see has multiple seams on the top cover. Some Mfgr's have found a way to avoid multiple seams and I imagine it was due to several factors. Less Mfgring time and a less chance of failure. Might be other reasons too!
Seams. Are they all flat and uniform or are they uneven. What effect will this have on the life of your Yurt and your Warranty? Check all seams. Sewn or Glued. Most of the sewing on our Yurt was single stitched. ( I would have preferred double stitching. Stronger.) and we also had a 1' sewing tear on our soft cover. Windows. The Window treatments, Seams not fully glued at the bottoms of the window. CHECK IT ALL. You get it home it's yours.

Yurt (Part 1) A quick review

Yurt 1:
Welcome to Yurt building (Part 1) in 1 minute 47 seconds.
This clip covers all of the aspects of building our Yurt. It took us three days to complete the set up and move in. All went well with most of the set up though we did experience some problems which I will cover in Parts 2-4.

When your Yurt arrives. CHECK YOUR ORDER. Be detailed about your inspection. If for some reason your parts are not proper, or you discover other issues. DO NOT ACCEPT THE ORDER. Now is the only time you can send it back. If not you'll have to work with your MFGR on warranty issues. ( Bring a digital camera with you and DOCUMENT ALL problems you have if any. You'll need them later. If no problems... then you have some great picts of your Yurt set up process.)

Despite our problems we got it together and with a bit of original thinking and some minor repairs, alterations we made it work. We had to! Some of the issues ( As received from the MFGR) included 8 bent rafters, 3 rafters not notched at the factory, Wall attachment to the door frame had to be modified to fit and then it fit by only one screw. Walls overlapped. (Were supposed to Interlock. Mfgr. said we got an older design. Said also that they sent a fix for this problem. Never did.) There are some other issues I'll show you. Till then...Enjoy and learn something from our mistakes and modifications. Got a Yurt story to tell.... Please Share. In my searching the internet I found only a few posts on Yurts and set up. I hope this helps. Oh yea… The Door and Center Ring. The Door. Door hardware not installed (knobs and locks) Ask or have the tools and know how. Note the door plate is not rounded to fit the platform. The Mfgr did send a replacement a few weeks later after we had our yurt set up. Another fix that will have to wait till summer. Mfgr note: Other customers did not like te door plate so they were upgrading..Go figure. The Center Ring. Due to the bent rafters. Seems like some of the fit (s) were off at the top. We measured all of the holes in the Ring. Some were not the same depth. Did this effect our fit? How will it effect the longevity of out yurt…Who Knows. Check your order.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Solar and Hand Water Pumps

With the Simple Pump installed alongside your existing electric well pump, you're ready for any and all emergencies.

Down to 200' for full time use, or from 201' - 300' as Emergency Source because number of strokes/time to pull from depths that exceed 225' by Hand can be more than derirable, but very achievable. The 12 Volt Solar powered motor can produce about 1 gallon/minute at 300'

Scientists offered cash to dispute climate study. (EXXON)

Need a Job Exxon is looking for some contract workers. Work from home ok.

Ian Sample, science correspondent
Friday February 2, 2007

Scientists and economists have been offered $10,000 each by a lobby group funded by one of the world's largest oil companies to undermine a major climate change report due to be published today.

Letters sent by the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), an ExxonMobil-funded thinktank with close links to the Bush administration, offered the payments for articles that emphasise the shortcomings of a report from the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Peak Oil Search Exxon. No Results!

If anyone would know or have something to say. Not Exxon.
I did a search to see what Exxon might have to say on Peak Oil... NOTHING!
Results for: "peak oil"

No results were found for your search.
Try changing some of the words in your query.

Tips for better results: ( Go else where in my blog )

Check your syntax. ( Was Correct:Peak Oil)
Make sure to use the correct spelling. (Spelled ok. May need an editor (Huma)
Use the correct case (uppercase for capitalized names, lowercase for common words and phrases).
Use a comma to separate capitalized names or phrases.
For example: Bill Clinton, Boris Yeltsin
Try synonyms and variations of words.
For example: CDROM, CD-ROM


The Top Ten-100 Investments. ( Business )

Koch Industries
Publix Super Markets
Ernst & Young
C&S Wholesale
HE Butt Grocery

Top World Companies
See the full list of the world's largest corporations, including detailed company profiles and contact information. (more)
1. Exxon Mobil
2. Wal-Mart Stores
3. Royal Dutch Shell
4. BP
5. General Motors
6. Chevron
7. DaimlerChrysler
8. Toyota Motor
9. Ford Motor
10. ConocoPhillips

Global 500 companies by country
The U.S. leads the pack when it comes to growing global giants -- 170 Global 500 companies are headquartered here. Meanwhile, India and China are gaining ground.

Top performers
Oil and energy companies enjoyed the highest jumps in revenues last year. Case in point: Rosneft Oil, which saw sales rise a whopping 291.3%

Which industries rule?
Sure, the mining and oil sectors had banner years. But who saw the biggest increase in sales? The securities industry, which generated 47.2% growth.

World's most admired companies
On FORTUNE's global list, General Electric is No. 1 again, for the sixth time in eight years. Which other companies made the top 10?

1. General Electric ( Who Owns General Electric Timeline )
2 Toyota Motor
3 Procter & Gamble
4 FedEx
5 Johnson & Johnson
6 Microsoft
7 Dell
8 Berkshire Hathaway
9 Apple Computer
10 Wal-Mart Stores
11 IBM
12 Target
13 BMW
14 United Parcel Service
15 Home Depot
16 PepsiCo
17 Costco Wholesale
18 Intel
19 Singapore Airlines
20 Nokia
21 Citigroup
22 Coca-Cola
23 BP
24 Bank of America
25 Exxon Mobil
26 Cisco Systems
27* Nestle
27* Samsung Electronics
29 Caterpillar
30 L'Oreal
31* DuPont
31* Honda Motor
33 Walt Disney
34* Pfizer
34* Sony
36* Lowe's
36* Toyota Industries
38* Anheuser-Busch
38* Canon
40 Siemens
41 Walgreen
42 HSBC Holdings
43 Tesco
44 Best Buy
45 Deere
46 Verizon Communications
47 Novartis
49 Royal Bank of Scotland
50 Dow Chemical

Parched cities of future.

FEATURE-Tankers may ship water to parched cities of future.
When the oil runs out... We can still use our tankers... Right?
By Stefano Ambrogi

LONDON, Feb 2 (Reuters) - Fleets of supertankers could one day ply the world's oceans laden not with oil but fresh water.

Sounds far-fetched?

In Paris on Friday the world's top climate scientists issued the strongest warning yet that human activity was heating the planet. They forecast temperatures would rise by between 1.1 and 6.4 degrees Celsius this century.

By 2100, water scarcity could impact between 1.1 and 3.2 billion people, says a leaked, related U.N. climate study due to be published in April.

China and Australia, as well as parts of Europe and the United States would face critical water shortages, it says.

Maritime experts say shipping water by tanker is one of the least eccentric ideas raised of late to counter acute shortages.

Dragging icebergs from the Arctic, ships hauling enormous bags of fresh water, and cloud seeding -- in which clouds are sprayed with chemicals to induce rain -- have all been aired by water authorities in the past.

"You can ship any liquid commodity if the money's right," said Bill Box, spokesman for Intertanko, the world's largest association of tanker owners.

Tankers would need to be specially coated for the water trade or built as a dedicated fleet.

In 1996, the World Bank's then water resources manager, John Hayward, said: "One way or another, water will be moved around the world as is oil now."

There is a SILVER LINING...
A supertanker full of oil can supply a city far longer than one full of water," he said.

For existing oil tanker owners the international shipping of water could hold an unexpected silver lining.

minimum wage. News Today. We might a raise..

House Approves Min. Wage

Republicans are warning Democrats not to tamper with Senate-passed minimum wage legislation, saying the bill's mix of $8.3 billion in tax breaks and a $2.10 ...

Min Wage Bill Divides Businesses

Many migrant workers not exempt from min. wage

15 Sen Dems Not Cosponsors on Min. Wage Increase

Bush Cheered by Wall Street by Big Business... No Wonder.
Exxon reports $40 billion profit for 2006

We might get a TWO DOLLER RAISE... It will take some time congress says. Hang in there...WE PEOPLE.

Other headlines...

Average-Wage Earners Fall Behind (washingtonpost.com)Average-Wage Earners Fall Behind. New Job Market Makes More Demands but Fewer ... In the lively debate about the future of U.S. jobs, many economists and ...

The National Debt has continued to increase an average of $1.62 billion per day since September 29, 2006!Concerned? Then tell Congress and the White House!

The Outstanding Public Debt as of 02 Feb 2007 at 04:58:44 PM GMT is:

USATODAY.com$84454 is the average household's personal debt. $473456 is the average ... The long-term economic health of the United States is threatened by $53 trillion ...

USATODAY.com$84454 is the average household's personal debt. $473456 is the average ... The long-term economic health of the United States is threatened by $53 trillion ...

To share this life

To Share This Life.
Lynn/Lati Noel

To share this life
To lead and follow
Student and teacher
To discover new knowledge together
with common understanding
and because I love you
I can see this understanding in your eyes and you make me smile

Your strength... do i feel it, sense it, know it...
Spirit... that which guides.
My spirit lives in nature and within natural things.
Quest... to be open to that which guides my path....
being mindful, and listening with my heart.

The Eagles Heart

1999- Kansas
The Eagles Heart (My Drum Song)
The Eagles Heart sings to the Wolf in the northern sky with a gift from the Hawk.
Listen to the winds....

" listen to your thoughts and the thoughts of others with mindfulness and patience."

The ancient winds of time...
" Our wise and mindful elders"

As they dance across the plains..
"we dance with expressions of our soul on the reflections of our path ahead"

Watch the sunset as it slips beneath the western sky...
"dance with your most spiritual, intense, and powerful self towards
your nearly completed goal. Your sisters and brothers will dance with you"

Hear the calling....

Hear the cries...
"of sadness and joy"...

Walk the path on the red road to the river bed that once flowed free.... from the mountains, to the plains and onto the sea...... the river now sleeps... and is to long dry...
" Walk in your direction on the river of life, with quality, color and flow."

Follow the river till it bends to the north... and wait there quietly...patiently... for the moonrise in the east... " our new beginnings ....be ready for the gifts you will receive and the knowledge to use these gifts wisely."

Trace the track of the moon across the nights southern sky... " here you will find your most basic and pure self and explore and seek out yourself and your spiritual connections in life."

Fly with the Nighthawk towards the eastern sky....
" towards a higher and lighter awareness... towards new beginnings."

Walk out of the river towards the cotton-wood trees to the north and sit within their shelter..... hear the winds... the ancient winds calling.... hear the ancient winds cries... Look to the east ....for the sun to rise.....
"celebrate your healing and revel in your joy."

Hear your sisters and brothers calling you to begin your life anew... from within your soul softly comes your reply drifting gently on the winds..... the ancient winds of time....

Put your hands with others on the drum... and play with the rhythm of the souls...the music flows through us all and is carried to greet the dawn...

Sing to the wolves on the northern winds... With the hawk comes his gift... lifting our spirits high... freeing our souls to fly.... I am glad to meet you my sisters... my brothers.... you bless my soul and I bless thee....

My hand on my heart... from the drum it came..... gently waking the spirits song. " the first lesson... I learned... to keep the grumpy spirits happy and celebrate a happy song"

With the gift from the hawk.... a tear of joy.... falls from my cheek... the river once dry is now flowing full... wild and free..... From the sea to the mountains... from the mountains to the plains... from the plains to the sea.... the river is free... The circle of life is again complete.

I am well in the light of your sun.... as the eagles heart sings to the wolf in the northern sky with a gift from the hawk. Thank you my brother for your gift.....

Lati June 6,1999 The naming of my drum- To: Jerry and Joan with many blessings and thanks.
To: The Wolf.. Brooke Makai. My heart will always sing to her. and to all my relatives waiting to fly... or be on the wing.... be well.

biodiesel. (man and adventure)

Diesel Man Part 1

Convert to french fries... 40mpg. $0.55 per gallon.

"Caravan" - Demo 25 people go on a Bio Diesel Adventure. It is the young people who must make a change for themselves. We older people have had our adventures...

go explore your world... soon.

Spiders On Drugs

Just Say No

Louis Armstrong.. What A Wonderful World..

What a wonderful man. God Bless you Louis Armstrong

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Israel Kamawiwo´ole. Over the rain bow

We are blessed to have known Israel. Mahalo Bra'da.
From Molokai Boy. The Ohana is one.

We are the rainbow. I know this so does Israel Kamawiwo´ole.

Another vid of Israel. .. Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - Somewhere Over The Rainbow Lyrics

FREE YOUR HEAL. Is this the Willie Bro's or What.

I love to telly............ It is freeing. It is dance, It is flying on earth.
Tele till you drop....Dead.

Virgle... Come to NM and lets shred...Yurt Style. No CB.
Willie Bro's. A personal reMARK for a friend of mine. We spent so many days like this skiing in Washington, playing pool and drinking a few brews. I miss my bud...
and he's welcome anytime... ask TREA-X...

Speaking of OFF THE GRID. Totally off

Old cowboys don't get old by being stupid.

He tole me... Lynn
Never count your blessings before your a sitting on the couch at home......
Even he knows Sh-- Happens and Safety is no ACCIDENT.....
That's my bro

Mama's Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys

A Creation Story ( By an Eight Year Old) Brooke!

A Creation Story
March 14, 1997
Brooke Makai Noel

Once upon a time in a faraway land lived a little seed of birth that God has given a land of Nothing: he called it that because all it is is a land of rock, a little island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and that seed grew: first it gave onecelled creatures, then the creatures came together for a meeting. "this Island is hardly anything, we're the only life, we need something more" and so God planted another seed which gave grass, lakes and waterfalls.

Next God took a bottle from where she lived up in heaven, broke it up in tiny pieces. The biggest piece made the sun. It reflected on heaven's lights. God shaped the glass into one ball and put holes on every side and then put fire inside. The one celled creatures were happy; as soon as they went down by the lake to drink they realized the lake was so far away and they were hot. They prayed "please were hot hand thirsty, let us have shade.

God made trees, a rain forest, thunder and night. She called the light day and the
darkness night. This pleased the cells at first ; then everything felt so big they had nightmares of being stepped on. One of the oldest creatures had a dream which she told everyone at meeting time. "My one celled creatures, we are so tiny no one will be able to see us, it would be an accident if we were hurt but we can create illness just by living, that we cause harm is an accident just like if they were to harm us.

If they get sick they will try to get healthy by killing us but we must try to live. Wouldn't we rather live and then have died instead of die without trying to live. We will show the other animals they have only lived on earth one minute compared to us and so God created cougars, reptiles, mammals, rodents, fish and birds, but she did not make humans yet. Then she realized that island was the only land. If she put one
more thing on it it would be too crowded so she created more land, and more and more and more until it looks like it is today if you can imagine it without humans and human's work. She took one female and one male from heaven, took off their wings and sent them down to earth.

They made babies and their babies had babies and step parents and brothers and sisters and everyone had babies and on and one until they figured out craft work to make things like they are today. They worked and worked and worked. As soon as they make a bed a bed they lied down to rest in so they could work and work some more until they worked today. But the two angles were so big and their daughters were so big and so was everyone until they learned to shrink with all the work, God didn't want them to hurt the littler creatures so they turned the angles into stone statues. The people who saw them blessed them and anyone who Became too big turned into stone.
Soon people blessed them and made their own statues of people in history that were great to them and that is how it is to this day.

A song about the story:

Oh if all the people were made out of clay and the statues too then god would make them all of stone and they would have babies and the rest of us would not even have a clue what they would do they have all the things they needed and all the rest of that they even had animals but they never caught a bat. and that was all of that when they caught a bat they simply wanted more they simply wanted more but a little girl let it fly away right through the door she liked to watch it fly and fly straight out of the door though sometime she swooped at mosquitoes, sometimes she would not she had alto of freckles she had a big dot on her forehead she went to Australia instead she helped the animals all over the earth she got a job of being a forest ranger I have plenty of things to take care of and that is what I like and she helped nature grow and grow in spit of the people all over town she ignore them
sometimes even her parents because she was so into nature, she loved the sound of nature on top of the group all the honey bees and bird and reptiles all the animals she would bare we could take care of the air so she could breath but what she really wants was a little girls and all of nature.

A Shelter

Norma and Brooke in Alaska at my cabin. Norma.. Mom and Grandma
A Shelter
2002- Kansas
Brooke Makai Noel
A shelter from the wind.
A shelter from the rain.
A shelter by a river for food,
growth and gain.
A shelter from the snow.
A shelter from the sun.
A shelter to put my home in
where my family are one.
A shelter for two or three or for
many other families. Many, many more.
More people come and shelters have to move.
Many people go and on it goes.
Time and time again.
Little corners left.
Why is it our neighbors are many miles west ?
They can take a shelter, but they can not take a home.
A home is where your heart is.
Not just where we are from.


Brooke Makai


When we part the walls of silver lightening
to stop the wars and all the fighting.

Where little children rest their heads
and start their dreaming in their beds.

Of a new world, a better peace
Where they grow at their own pace.

Green Day - Warning (Music)


The Cost Of Living (LOST)

Cost Of Living (LOST)

Did a search for the Cost of Living

The Cost of living has just gone up and your ol'lady has just gone down..
Cosmik Debris - Zappa Wiki Jawaka"You might not believe this, little fella, but it'll cure your Asthma too!" ... "The price of meat has just gone up An' yer ol' lady has just gone down... Don't eat the YELLOW SNOW. TURE ENOUGH! Thanks Zappa!

and the TV series "LOST" ( Art imitating life ) Why is HOLLYWOOD always so far ahead of the game? Matrix, Aliens, Ozzy and Harriet.

The Green Pages

Power Generation.
Solar, wind, hydro and more.
Have other links to share.. Sources... Please Share
Like the Green Trust Sustainability & Renewable Energy

Cool Solar Collector

Acro Solar Lasers

plant education for youth : ecotech permaculture

After all it's about our future. The Children... Us old guys and gals... we're almost done for. The Golden Years! If mom finds the one who coined the pharse. The Golden Years... She'd show him golden....

For others so lucky to have a GOLDEN PARACHUTE... Happy landings. Flying is easy...landings can be hard... Safety is no ACCIDENT! Cheers.

Free Energy - Zero-Point Energy Extraction from the Quantum Vacuum

Tom Valone

Tesla.... I gave you a chance eariler in my blog to learn more about Tesla and his knowledge... Tesla Lives yet is continuing to be shuned by BIG Goverment, Big Oil and whoever does not want something to be free... Got to PAY to Play.

Tesla 1891.... What did he say about this matter. FREE POWER

Off The Grid

Wow. Normal people living off the grid. Big Screen TV, Computers, Blow dryers and living, saving 60% more that other Canadian's.. Let's see some normal Americans living "OFF THE GRID" Have stuff to share on building, solar,win... share it


Climate report gets last-minute edit in Paris

Bureaucrats, scientists work in secrecy to pull together major environmental study.

Work together.... Go figure.... But why does their meeting always have to be in SECRECY?How green are you? Work out your carbon footprint and find out.......

Ramsey Clark speaks in Washington (9/24/05)

This was in 2005. A long time ago, many lives lost on all sides. American and others. War fules only the ones fuling the war. Is this another oil profit issue. Our Forgin Policy. Any president who does this to his world is selfish and must be outted. We'll see what Americans do...

Why did we out Nixon and try to out Clinton over tapse and sex... Go watch tv... and continue the distraction of our life from the real issues. Act not. If not.. what will the next two years bring. Higher oil profits, Iran....Yikes.
Have a great day....

What one Vermont Town has decided. and what they decided on...
Whereas George W. Bush has:

1. Misled the nation about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction;

2. Misled the nation about ties between Iraq and Al Quaeda;

3. Used these falsehoods to lead our nation into war unsupported by international law;

4. Not told the truth about American policy with respect to the use of torture; and

5. Has directed the government to engage in domestic spying, in direct contravention of U.S. law.

criminalising non-violent protests

This is a good one. Not unlike Bush telling us speaking out aginst his policies is a form of Hate Speach. What happened to Freedom Of Speach? See my other posts on Free Speach. Our right are slowely being limited. Want to travel. Get a Visa, Boarders closing, Arg! I want my voice... if for mothing else... To say I love You:-) If we can not protest in nonviolent ways what is left... Revolution.... Sh-- another war

The Power and Potential of Nonviolent Struggle

The are many ways to take a stand on something without violence. Tell me about violence in your lives. How have you stopped it and shown this other way. Non Violent. Show some love and pass it on...

Exxon Mobil reports $39.5B annual profit

HOUSTON --Oil giant Exxon Mobil Corp. on Thursday posted the largest annual profit by a U.S. company -- $39.5 billion -- even as earnings for the last quarter of 2006 declined 4 percent.

My income declined by more than 4% and I did not make 39 BILLION. Where is the money going... out of our pockets while Big Business... Shell,Exxon,Halaburton,Clear Channel Communications, Wallmart all take huge profits. This must stop. Giving our money to these insane profiteers... Not profiting the people the serve. What happened to Customer Service, The Coustomer is always right. Equal trade for goods and services... We are buying them the farm.... ours.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Government scientists claim Bush censorship on global warming

Rick Piltz, a former senior associate with an interagency effort called the U.S. Climate Change Science Program, said he also witnessed resistance when attempting to communicate findings related to climate change to Congress and the public at large. Piltz resigned his position in protest in 2005.
He said one glaring example was the Bush administration’s treatment of a document about climate change called the National Assessment, which was mandated by the 1990 Global Change Research Act and published under the program.
“From the second half of 2002 onward, the administration acted to essentially bury the National Assessment by suppressing discussion of it by participating agencies for purposes of research planning by the Climate Change Science Program; suppressing references to it in published program documents including annual program reports to Congress; . . . and making clear that no second national assessment would be taken,” Piltz said.

" Cover up... Oil Companies, Oil Lobby. Who's making out here... Higest Profits in History for Oil companies.... Yikes!

Before UTube there was Virtual Valdez

1997 in Valdez Alaska Numan and I started a business. Virtual Valdez. This vid is a Virtual Tour of our home. Valdez, Alaska. We started something big... To bad we did not get paid 6 million for our vision... Oh well.... We loved it anyway. We also taught computer literacy and web building and helped to bring Valdez to the world. Go visit. Ski, hike, kayak, snowboard.... Get out and meet some great Alaskan's.
p.s. Made on a MAC.....
Go Hook Up..
Dean Cummings. H20 Heli Adventures
Rose Fong. Wild Rose By The Sea B&B
KCHU-Public Radio
Virtual Valdez
... there are so many more great people to meet in Valdez. Leave Alaska WILD!

This vid was edited and produced by Virtial Valdez on Monday, July 28, 1997, 7:13:46 PM. It was produced in my cabin. 200sq.feet. No power except what I provided. No running water, out house, a phone line, 300" to 900" of snow per year, endless summers, 9 cords of fire wood per season,family, friends, wilderness.... I was plugged in to my life and the world long ago...

What's changed in 10 years.... Lots. A Yurt and DSL are a great mix with the wild... Go figure.... and I still want to go camping!

Panama Canal View 1940s ( Dwight R, Hutton)

Dwight R. Hutton. Panama Canal Views. USS HEnderson, USS Iowa, Us Navy.WWII

History, Panama, USN, Uss Iowa, W7HB, WWII

Weather, Rivers, Home, How to Check your Safety

Local Weather conditions for Ojo Caliente.

Local River Discharge: Rio Ojo Caliente.

Know your weather. We use these links all the time to keep an eye on things. The Ojo flooded several times last year. We could see it comming hours before it hit our area. Neighbors flooded. No local help. Neighbor helping Neighbor.

The Rio Chama River ( Got To Go Back)

Play in full screen on Ytube.
River rafting/kayaking with friends on the Rio Chama. Permit river on the upper. Hot Springs, bears, eagles, ducks, geese, rocks, beauty, quiet. simple living with good friends. It's the best.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Land Clearing (Building)

Play it Full Screen on YTUBE.
Land clearing, well, septic, electrical, yurt platfom and snow. Cove visit.

Dwight R. Hutton (W7HB) Grandpa

VJ-Day. Pearl Harbor. Hawaii, 1945
Check out the Surf Boards...
Aloha and Mahalo Grandpa.

Our family has been to war. Many of us. Grandpa was one of my hero's.
1945, Pearl Harbor, Us Nave, VJ Day, W7HB

Talking to myself. Deer!

Saying: Where ever I go there I am. My thoughts!
How do I get ahead of myself....
Why am I always so far behind?
Then!...and what's even more sad... Some one of myself said...
Ok Stupid... It's a circle.
Only the me ahead of myself got it and he's not telling.
The me lagging.. Hell. He's lost obviously
and me.... Here I am.
Not getting it. Hell!!

Oh yea.. Deer. (Pict:Also Jemez Mt's NM. This buck and I spent about four min together with two does. Way Cool! Glad I was there to see them in the wild.)
Not to far. Safety is NO ACCIDENT.

Black Elk Speaks.

Follow the Deer. He will always lead you to food, shelter and most inportant.
Home. They are also not good for cars or other light vehicles. Moose are worse. Another Story in Moose, WY outside of Jacksonhole involving a once perfect trailer, and truck meeting mom.. Not good. Have Ski Goggles!

Today: Chopping Wood. It's Winter!

After watching "Alone in the Wilderness" i had to go and cut some wood. Sus, Quill and I rounded up a cord and a half in two hours. Got it home and bucked by hand in one more. I've always enjoyed wood gathering. It can take so many forms. Go get wood..... :-)..
Pict Info: Jemez Mt's. NM.2006

Monday, January 29, 2007

Our Yurt Alternative!

Sound Notes: First one is my head hitting the top of the door. Duck if you get 6' walls and your over 6' All others should be good. Other sounds.. The Wolf BBC vid. Yes I look at all I post. Like alternative? See "Alone in the Winderness" Some may think it's survival. It's living. You just forgot how to live that way.

Our Yurt. It's not the first Yurt I have lived in and I must say I really like them. ( Bears can rip open YRUTS. Another Alaska Story.) There are all variety of Yurt makers, MFGR's. and like most products there are differences. You always pay for what you get.. sometimes to much. If you think so you can always build one yourself too!. Shop around. Check Ref's. BBB, Ask Questions, Fabric, Soft or Hard Dome, Window treament, Is the door hardware installed at the factory, What is covered under warranty and what is not.

Some MFGR's have been around for a long time and some not.. Still Look around. Have them send lots of info, Some have tons some do not. You'll need to know about the other options too.. Stoves, Awnings, Sky Pannels... there are so many.

Strentgh. Workmanship. Quality... If your in your backyard in NM ours is fine. I would not put it to the test in Alaska on Raspberry without modification. If your planning on having one sent to a remote location GET ALL THE FACTS and make sure your order is to spec. Know Spec. Your platform. Your foundation is your responsibility. GET IT RIGHT. ( I do test outdoor equipment and write reviews. Mfg'rs send me your gear and I'll work it over. )

Check your delivery as soon as it arrives. Document (photo) your set up and any problems. We had a few. As Delivered. Bent Rafters, 3 not notched at the factory, A sewing tear in the Soft Top and a few other issues. You can be creative and fix most stuff I think on your own. Fairly Simple Stuff.

We made several modifications to ours. Better window ties, added a loft, benches, office, sleeping areas and it's home. We'll post some stills of each phase. Platform, Walls, Ring, Rafters, Top Cover and More.

Get Alternative. Go Round or something... Know a good or bad yurt story post it here. Know of other good/great Ideas... Please share. Happy Yurting.

Alone in the wilderness

Richard Prooneke. PBS

I long to go back to Alaska... The Wilderness. To live simply and to simply live. It is a quiet place. Humbling and oh so honest. aho Lati

Sunday, January 28, 2007

10 Rules I live with. Can You?

Click on the Image to Enlarge the picture..... so you get the message... Thanks
Aho. Lati

Lakota Instructions for Living

Lakota Instructions for Living.. in 54 seconds. It's just that simple.... GET IT.

Willing To Become a Tree
Lynn Noel
7-99- Kinsley Kansas

I had just come from within the medicine wheel with my friends.... The night moon was full and bright. It was a magical night of mystery.

I walked the roadway my bare feet touching the earth. I saw a tree stump cut just above the ground... I stood upon the tree.. As if to be a tree.

It felt uncomfortable... this bonding with the tree. Pain rippled through my feet and up my legs...

What was this pain.. to whom did it belong... To me, the tree or was it a shared pain in our knowing our scars.

We struggled the tree and I.... shifting, adjusting our weight , balance and fit....
Suddenly my arms reached out... branches of the tree my arms became.

I stood tall within the spirit of the tree... within the sacred life. Almost as suddenly as my arms had raised... the fell to my sides.... eyes closing.

Eyes open to the night moon and to the mysteries of life. I stood tall, bending, strong and sure of the tree... I could see my arms holding the moon, I could feel my arms at my sides holding my spirit.

As I stepped off the tree. I bent to touch itís scared surface with my hands..
a few more words and we parted... Each thanking the other.... For a moment we forgot the connection of balance of the sacred life.

Bless you my roots, our roots I said.... the tree replied: Beneath the scars my roots still grow and will forever support anyone willing to stand with me and be a tree.

The Wolf. (MAKAI) Thanks BBC

What I know of the Wolf. Love.

Meeting The Wolf Girl
lynn-96 ....a story for Brooke

While hiking deep within the old growth forest of the Chugach Mountains in Alaska I met a wolf girl.

She was shy and much more sensitive than I. So in touch with her child self. She said...

Listen to me and I will help you to find your child self. I listened for she was wise.

I am a wolf and also a girl she explained. I have great desires and you must honor my sense of self.

I am at peace with myself, my being. I am also nature. Within myself and nature...
I rest, gain strength and live...

Sometimes... I soar with the eagles. Gaining clarity of vision and freeing myself from my limitations.

As I return to the forest... you may also return to the forest she said. You may not see me but I'll be there. You'll be protected, I'll share my strength , my vision and together we'll grow.

Sometimes we'll travel together and sometimes apart. Our spirits will be drawn to the mountains and together we'll climb... confident in our direction for new lessons await.

The wolf girl spoke again... Will you have faith and believe one thing.

I answered yes.

Nothing... Absolutely nothing happens in the creators world by mistake. Do you believe this she asked. I replied yes....

How is it your so wise I asked... That's easy... She said... I'm seven and seven is a very powerful mystical number. There are seven heavens, the world was created in seven days and I am youthful.

All of a sudden I was alone with the moon and the stars. Yet never lonely... For every night I hear her sweet song singing, nooooooeeeeeeeellllllll.

I love you Brooke- dad

Lt. Ehren Watada on Refusing to Serve in Iraq

Lt. Ehren Watada speaking at the Veterans for Peace 2006 National Convention August 12, 2006 in Seattle about refusing to serve in Iraq

I was in the Navy. I loved my service as I love my country. I support Lt. Watada.

Michael. A Lokota Medicine Man. ( Thanks)

I was working one day in AZ. I was told I would meet a Lokota Medicine man several weeks eariler. This day Michael walked in. Few words were spoken between us. Michael invited me to his home so he could speak in the proper place.

We had lunch and blessings and then Michale and I went to another room. I gave Michael a gift acknowledging him in my life. A feather. I had questions. but I know it's better to listen.

I understood as Michael told me of his life. I understood it was my life.

If this is the path you choose. It will be a lonely one.
Family and friends will be your critics and often will tell you they need you more than others.

The ones who really need you will ask. They will ask in a proper way and you will go and give them what they need. They will also support you but not with money. They have none.

This was all Michale told me. It was enough.
I knew I had already decided... I was alone and now I am one on a journey. Will you come... I can only ask. You are free to say NO! I'm used to traveling alone.


My Personal War. I won... Native Son

Warning: Note:
This is not a true call to War and I do not ask anyone to harm another. It is a call to your soul to know yourself and to cut out that in your lives you know is not right, that which is not necessary. Rethink who you are, who you have become. Find your true self and true name. When you have done these things speak your name and I will hear you and know that I am not alone in hearing the cries of the children, of the elderly and in my passing I will not be alone for I will know that I passed on in a good and honorable way knowing that I will not be forgot. Because you know my name and I know yours. My friend. I bless my mother "Norma" and my friends and the silence I have known in my life. I bless All My Relatives who have spoken to me in a good way.

I am Lati.

Native Son
Kinsley Kansas

I am a white man because of the color of my skin, because of my family and our lineage and because of our language which I have learned, spoken and continue to create. Our culture now reaches out to create in our image a new world

Throughout time, my time, my family, forefathers were all raised in the ways of the culture.It is not I would like to think anyone's fault.... It is as we were raised.

It is what we know as a culture, men women, children. It is the knowledge and ways of our ancestors...We are a lost culture and we are afraid and in our fear we seek to destroy ourselves our children and our home. Mother Earth.

Fear.. because we are ignorant, small and single minded... Our shame.... we are without heart... without spirit.
We are becoming a world culture who is creating our language which continues to bury our children and our elders
without dignity... without honor. For our people I mourn... For we are truly a lost people.

I am a Native Son because beneath my skin like all brothers, sisters I am.... we are red, we are one.. all things all my relatives. With all my relatives I sing a mourning song for that which world culture is destroying without regard because of greed and oneness.... of self.

I turn my back to these things now... these ways, this culture... that which the our culture says is good and proper... further they say they are right because their god and religion justify their cause and actions to all others on this planet... this world. There is only one "God" and he/she is within us all. There is no separation from self just as there is no separation from "God"

I am a Native Son and I turn now to face the center with my all my relatives and embrace my true family.... for it is here within the center I must be to truly know our hearts as one... all my relatives.

You might ask how it is I come to this place, this heart, this knowledge of the Great Mystery ? It is quite simple. I have journeyed far and long... a life time... far from the culture you create and your ways. It was a hard journey and long fighting the battles of the soul.

It was a journey I took into the wilderness alone. I was alone with my heart. With this knowledge I have been taught and have learned. Within moments of my arriving I knew something was desperately wrong. I knew I must fight the sacred fight. The battle of self for I could no longer lie to myself, cheat myself or surely I would die and within moments if not within days or weeks.

I knew at once I must forget that which I had been taught by many in my life. Forget the language of the elders I knew for they were not wise and or honest in their teachings of the proper way to be.

Alone. I began the struggle. The fight. I survived the moments, the days, the weeks and as time grew long and turned into years I found myself one day surrounded by all my relatives. They came to me and spoke. I was astonished for I thought they could not speak. They were all there. The four legged, the winged ones, the swimmers and the crawlers. The green, the waters in the forms of rivers, streams, lakes and the ocean. The old ones the rocks and mountains. Mother Earth and Father Sky, The Four Winds and Directions and I found myself within the Great Mystery and I was humbled. I am humble and therefore I listened with patience. I knew I must be quiet so that I could hear and truly understand their language.

They took me to a place deeper within the wilderness far from everything I thought I knew. As we walked in silence the gathering grew and grew and the forest became deep and dark. It was a place where everything was wet and cool and as I walked I became as clean and as pure as the land upon which my bare feet now walked.

All at once the darkness within my soul and the forest opened up and the sun shined in with a brilliance and warmth I will never forget. There we all there with me. All my relatives. We spent the day in preparation for the night to come. The meeting of the council the furthering of my teaching and the knowing of my life.

I was given a name at birth (Lynn) I was given a name by my friends the Owl and Bear (Lati). Now I would come to know my name and my true self as one. Tonight I would for the first time speak my name with courage. I am Lynn/Lati. Hear my name as I speak so that you may also know my name.

I come to you now and in a humble way to tell you my story. To tell you the story of who you are and the story of the world culture we have become. Some of you know your names and speak them clearly and in a good and proper way. Be sure I hear you now as I have always heard you.

Others speak, but they do not know their name and their voice is weak for they are dying. We must answer their calls, answer their cries. For some it will be to late and they will pass on. For the children we must move with great swiftness or they will be lost also as will we all.

I return now to my story... the meeting of the council with All My Realitives They told me of these things I have now told you and they gave me a knife and told me what I must do......

With my knife to the flame I made it pure within the fire. I smudged myself within the sacred smoke of cedar, sage and sweetgrass and sat within the council with my relatives the eagle, bear, elk and raven... I sat quite without a word and listened to the council speak. They told me I am a Native Son and called me to join them in a fight. The sacred fight with all my relatives. The bear spoke to me as he smudged me within the sacred smoke.... As I listened to his wisdom I pulled my blade from the fire and with the blessings of the counsel I go fourth now to do battle with a world culture and their ways.... to fight for the children and the old ones... to protect them from a world culture who have adopted these ways, these teachings, this language and black hearts.

I now sing a warriors song given to me by the bear. Hear me as I growl. Feel my mother earth move as I walk in your direction. Towards you.

The choice is yours as you gave us the choice. Adopt the ways of the earth people or be abandoned and or pushed onto the small reservations you the world culture call our homes.

On the path of war I will wield my blade. Cutting out your tongue so you can no longer speak your language of lies. I will cut off your hands so you can no longer write your words that hold no truth. I will cut out your hearts for as your words and writing they have no honor and no meaning for my people of the earth for all my relatives.

I am not your son, not your brother. I am Lynn/Lati my mothers son. I abandon your world culture to suffer as we have suffered and perhaps to die as you have left countless of my family to suffer or die without honor, without dignity.

As I come to you with my blade drawn. Know that I offer life as well as death. Death without dignity or honor. Life with dignity and honor for all life that is sacred.

The struggle. This fight will be long. Has been long. The battles will be bloody. Have been bloody but we will succeed in our ways, for there is no other way. You will surely kill us all with your ways. So we choose to fight for life. For all life as we the Native Sons are strong within spirit. Strong within all our relations.

This battle may last a thousand years perhaps more, but of this be sure. We shall win and we shall win without your knowing for you are ignorant and savage in your ways and wil

How do I know these things you might ask ?
The reasons are so simple and right under your noses. So close you choose to be blind. Look around you. Your creations even now are crumbling into dust. Returning moment by moment to mother earth from where you came, from which all things were born.

I suggest you run as fast as you can. Leave your cities, your creations, your guns, your violence, your greed, your selfish ways, your teachings, your "Gods which you have made and which justify your struggle"

Take with you your families, friends and neighbors and return to the wilderness to wait by the fire. To wait by the river. To be in the quiet and listen to the council with your souls and hearts open.

I will return with the other Native Sons one day when the battle is done to see what you have learned. To see what your hearts have become and how you have taught and raised our children.

Together we will smoke the pipe, feast and dance the dance of one nation within the circle of life, within the Great Mystery. We shall beat our drums and bang our rattles and blow on the whistle of the Eagle and we shall honor the council, the elders and the children.

We shall then send our children back into the world for they will have the knowledge of the forgotten. The will know the proper way to be. They will know the songs and how to dance. They will know how to live properly within the circle of life.

As for the Native Sons. Here we shall remain. In the wilderness to honor and take care of the elderly who we have shamed and forgotten. In a humble way we will take care of them without a word for we have no right to speak. We shall listen to the elders take the time to understand all that we never had the patience or will to learn all that has been gained in our absence.

We shall learn their language, songs and dance in humble way as we tend to their needs and the needs of the council. The council will also speak and we will listen. Listen to the Four Legged, the Crawlers, Swimmers and Winged Ones. We shall listen to the Thunder Beings and to the Four Winds and to the teaching of the Directions. We shall listen and learn without a word to the Green, to Father Sky and Mother Earth. We will listen to the old ones the Rock and the Mountains for they have had the most patience of all.

Once we have heard their language and know it in our hearts, our souls and when we have become old and wise within the ways of the earth people. Then and only then will our children return.

It will be our time to rest. To be taken care of and respected. By our children. It will be our time to join the council. To take our place as the elders must. It will our time to teach our children. It will be our time to smile for we will know that we have finally come full circle within the circle of life. As we have for the first time in many generations honored ourselves, the red road , our Mother, our Father and All our Relatives. For the first time we have honored our children because we choose fight and won the battle.

Because we have fought and because we have knowledge of the struggle and have overcome ourselves and have become as one within all things. We will teach our children the songs, and the dances of life. Of the sacred life so that they will not forget what we have sacrificed in this battle. Our very souls.

Then at last when we have done our duty in our humble way. We shall return to the fire and return our blades to the council. The war is over and we shall rest for the remainder of our days in comfort till our Mother and our Father takes us home.

This story was born out of a dream in which my daughter Makai and her drum were sought out by the people of this world culture. The people who believe in this world culture of destruction, of lies, of selfishness and disregard for all sacred life. They came to chase her down. To destroy her drum, he heart, and her life because she stands against these ways of this world culture with the Native Sons.

In her wisdom she ran to the wilderness and sought shelter and safety within the comfort a of the council within the comfort of the deep woods. From this place she called my name and crying out that I might hear her and respond. I heard her terror, her heart pleading that these people this world culture and these ways must be stopped. Her life and so many others must be saved. She cried out to me her death song and I heard her plea to live. I heard all of the children cry.

I am a Native Son, as are you all. We are the only ones who can take up this fight. Please lend me your soul, lend me your heart and together we shall move forward to do what we must. To do what our children are crying out for us to do.

Save ourselves from ourselves before it's to late. Before we can no longer stand within the council of All of Our Relatives. Our heads hung in disgrace and as we tell them we have failed.

Bless us All My Relatives as we as I begin the struggle now. Do not give in my Native Brothers we have much to gain. Our honor, our hearts and the praise of our children and of our Mother, our Father, of all life within the circle. All Our Relatives

If we fail. We shall never know it because of our ignorance and we will die alone hearing our children cry.


I ask you now. Go into the wilderness if only for a few days. And when you return... Let me know who you have become. I will be waiting to hear your name as you speak.

I leave now for the wilderness.... for ten days. To know the direction I will take upon my return. I hope we will walk together and in a hubble way with All Our Relatives and our Relationships as one.