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Walk anothers path
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Monday, January 29, 2007

Our Yurt Alternative!

Sound Notes: First one is my head hitting the top of the door. Duck if you get 6' walls and your over 6' All others should be good. Other sounds.. The Wolf BBC vid. Yes I look at all I post. Like alternative? See "Alone in the Winderness" Some may think it's survival. It's living. You just forgot how to live that way.

Our Yurt. It's not the first Yurt I have lived in and I must say I really like them. ( Bears can rip open YRUTS. Another Alaska Story.) There are all variety of Yurt makers, MFGR's. and like most products there are differences. You always pay for what you get.. sometimes to much. If you think so you can always build one yourself too!. Shop around. Check Ref's. BBB, Ask Questions, Fabric, Soft or Hard Dome, Window treament, Is the door hardware installed at the factory, What is covered under warranty and what is not.

Some MFGR's have been around for a long time and some not.. Still Look around. Have them send lots of info, Some have tons some do not. You'll need to know about the other options too.. Stoves, Awnings, Sky Pannels... there are so many.

Strentgh. Workmanship. Quality... If your in your backyard in NM ours is fine. I would not put it to the test in Alaska on Raspberry without modification. If your planning on having one sent to a remote location GET ALL THE FACTS and make sure your order is to spec. Know Spec. Your platform. Your foundation is your responsibility. GET IT RIGHT. ( I do test outdoor equipment and write reviews. Mfg'rs send me your gear and I'll work it over. )

Check your delivery as soon as it arrives. Document (photo) your set up and any problems. We had a few. As Delivered. Bent Rafters, 3 not notched at the factory, A sewing tear in the Soft Top and a few other issues. You can be creative and fix most stuff I think on your own. Fairly Simple Stuff.

We made several modifications to ours. Better window ties, added a loft, benches, office, sleeping areas and it's home. We'll post some stills of each phase. Platform, Walls, Ring, Rafters, Top Cover and More.

Get Alternative. Go Round or something... Know a good or bad yurt story post it here. Know of other good/great Ideas... Please share. Happy Yurting.

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