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Sunday, February 4, 2007

Yurt (Part 3) Stove Kit, Top Cover and Windows

Yurt (Part 3) Stove Kit, Top Cover and Windows

The Stove Kit in our case consisted of the Kevlar Patch and glue. That was about it. There were no instructions for set up. The Mfgr had no documents or picts available to aid us in set up. ( a 11 page manual was provided but had little in the way of picts to show what they were telling you to do. (Spent hours on the phone) I used the stove set up information from our Yurt in Alaska (Pacific Yurts). It worked fine on our stove. ( We will post up some new more complete picts of our stove and install along with other tips soon. Parts 4---- Whatever. Thanks again and share good Yurt stuff.

Top Cover: This was a problem from the start. No mention that the Top cover we'd be getting was not a HARD DOME. Did not discover till a week or so into the order. At the time the MFGR did not have a Hard Dome available. (Bummer) but I was assured it was in the works and we could get one.

Never did get one. Issues with the Soft Top. Wind makes it flap and lets air flow in as the cover is buffeted by the wind. Our Top Cover also had a tear in the seam. A sewing mistake looks like. It leaked till we sewed a patch and sealed it. Also the Soft Cover is attached to the top vis 4 ropes.

The ropes go from the top to anchors at the bottom side of the Yurt. The ropes themselves are causing wear points as they go over the side of the wall. We have padded these wear points to minimize wear. The cover is also not easy to take off or slightly open to allow air flow. When loosened it slides off and takes more than one person to put back on or at least two makes it easier.

Last note on Top Cover. ( also Rafters) The Mfgr sent replacement rafters (8) sent to the wrong address and refused I guess to address our other issues. Hard Dome and some Glue. So we're left to figure out a Hard Dome on own. Should mention the Mfgr did send a replacement Soft Cover even after asking them not to. We wanted a Hard Dome. Not another Soft Cover and we would have paid for it (Hard Dome w/opener) too! No Freebies here.. (No Freebie pages either!!! Tips the Mfgr said he would send to help us with other stuff. I have no idea what these were as we never got them.) Stay tuned for part 4. The Platform and some of our fixes, alterations, and ideas.. Thanks.Hulih20!

Last note on Top Cover: We had two grommets pull out in winds in excess of 60mph. Mfgr said we installed the ropes improperly. There were no instructions. Our fix. Sew a double patch and re-punch and install a new grommet. All's good now I guess. Still would like a Hard Dome. Got Ideas?

Windows and Window treatment. We ordered our window placement @ 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock, door @ 12 noon and our Stove Kit would be installed at 6 o'clock. We received our Yurt and discovered our placement was not as ordered. (Mfgr. said the got it as close as possible.. Door @ 12, Window One at 9 o'clock or 9:30 Stove kit we moved to 1 o'clock and the other window is located 2:30 o'clock.) Effected our planned interior design and the placement. We wanted to take advantage of the SUN more effectively. This we’ll also remedy this summer. New Windows. Larger too!

Window Treatments. Strings! That was the extent of the Window Treatment. What is used to hold the windows open. The string ends were not sealed at the factory and quickly came undone. We made our own window closures. ( 3 straps) which allow us to open and close easily and to any level from wide open to just a slit. The cost for this fix was about $10.00 in straps and a bit of glue.

Velcro does not align at the bottom of the window and the glued seams also at the bottom of the window are coming loose. Lastly. Sewing. Most of the windows sewing is SINGLE Stitched. I would prefer double stitching as it would be stronger. We have to be careful in opening and closing the zippers so we do not pull out the stitching. We'll fix this summer.

Again. Modifications will VOID our (your) warranty. We never got a warranty and have asked many times. No response. So I guess we have no warranty and any of the other modifications we had to make like the wall attachment cuts to fit the door. Not covered.

Specifically from our Mfgr.
REMEMBER, DAMAGE DURING SETUP IS NOT COVERED UNDER ANY WARRENTY, SO TAKE YOUR TIMEAND CALL IF YOU HAVEANY PROBLEMS FIRST.THE GOLDEN RULES This is important! Violation of any of these rules .will void your warranty, could damage your yurt, and could result in injury.

Even they know Safety is no ACCIDENT! Re… watch yourself always. Protect you, your investments and your Yurt it's perhaps your home,shelter,getaway. Enjoy and share your alternative living story fo others.

Question: What is the difference between Yurt Mfgrs. Same size yurt. # of Rafters, Seams, Double vs Single Stitching, Fabrics, Materials, Certified Plans, Hard Dome vs Soft Top. Where are you intending to set up your Yurt. Wilderness, In the City or on rual property. What will you use it for. Living, playing, meditation? These are so many uses for Yurts. But if one costs say $5000.00 and the other costs $10,000.00 there must be a difference or your paying more or less for what? Our lack of really understanding, learning, fact finding our way towards a decision to purchase. so get informed.

If your in the wilderness like Alaska whatever you buy better be able to take it. Wind and Snow Kits may be necessary. You can not afford to have something go wrong and when it does and your several thousands of miles away from your Yurt Mfgr. How willl they respond. Again. Pacific Yurts responded in a week with new walls (THANKS). A bear decided he wanted a look. We later raised the Yurt some 13'. Not sure that will help much. Kodiak Brown (Grizzzzzzzly) Bears RULE the Alaska wilderness. Your at least one down on the food chain in AK.

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