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Walk anothers path
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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Government scientists claim Bush censorship on global warming

Rick Piltz, a former senior associate with an interagency effort called the U.S. Climate Change Science Program, said he also witnessed resistance when attempting to communicate findings related to climate change to Congress and the public at large. Piltz resigned his position in protest in 2005.
He said one glaring example was the Bush administration’s treatment of a document about climate change called the National Assessment, which was mandated by the 1990 Global Change Research Act and published under the program.
“From the second half of 2002 onward, the administration acted to essentially bury the National Assessment by suppressing discussion of it by participating agencies for purposes of research planning by the Climate Change Science Program; suppressing references to it in published program documents including annual program reports to Congress; . . . and making clear that no second national assessment would be taken,” Piltz said.

" Cover up... Oil Companies, Oil Lobby. Who's making out here... Higest Profits in History for Oil companies.... Yikes!

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