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Walk anothers path
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Thursday, February 1, 2007

Ramsey Clark speaks in Washington (9/24/05)

This was in 2005. A long time ago, many lives lost on all sides. American and others. War fules only the ones fuling the war. Is this another oil profit issue. Our Forgin Policy. Any president who does this to his world is selfish and must be outted. We'll see what Americans do...

Why did we out Nixon and try to out Clinton over tapse and sex... Go watch tv... and continue the distraction of our life from the real issues. Act not. If not.. what will the next two years bring. Higher oil profits, Iran....Yikes.
Have a great day....

What one Vermont Town has decided. and what they decided on...
Whereas George W. Bush has:

1. Misled the nation about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction;

2. Misled the nation about ties between Iraq and Al Quaeda;

3. Used these falsehoods to lead our nation into war unsupported by international law;

4. Not told the truth about American policy with respect to the use of torture; and

5. Has directed the government to engage in domestic spying, in direct contravention of U.S. law.

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