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Sunday, February 4, 2007

How to Yurt (Part 4) Alterations and Platform

How to Yurt (Part 4) Some of our fixes, modifications and our platform.

The Platform. Is your foundation. Make it exact or the fit will be poor and will effect the shape and strength on your yurt. There are many platform plans available or should be from your MFGR. We looked at several and built our own using several of the options provided. 2”x10”x12’ for the cross bracing. 4”x6”x10 for the main supports, joist hangers, main anchors 4’ in concrete w/rebar enforcing. 2”x6”x4’ small cross bracing 24” on center. Insulated bottom, Cut Vents in the floor for cool air draw.

Sanded and Sealed top deck 1’ TG. We used the temp blocks with the crosses cut in the top to set our platform frame out on, and get level and plum. Removed them and placed concrete filled blocks at critical load points. Under Stove and other places 12 in all besides the five deep concrete main anchors. Whatever you do make a good platform. Check with your specific MFGR for their SPEC’s. Get all the info before you begin. Some MFGRS have wall length’s cut to very specific lengths or sizes with hardware for attaching included. These types of walls make portability a WIZZ. Ours came long and had to be cut to the desired length. We fastened or attached the walls to the frame with a concrete board. Fire proof, Waterproof and will not rot.

Some of our Alterations. Some offered my MFGR and others to improve function and our needs.
Windows. Cut in 3 straps. Allows windows to close or open to any height. Supports window better. No bending. Windows: Roll a cloth inside when up. Limits scratching.

Rafter ends and Wall Ends. Padded as they were not rounded and were causing wear points.

Stove: When in use clean out stove pipes often. Safety is No Accident! We used a cement board behind the stove to protect the walls and installed two 12 volt fans. One to push air and the other to keep the Stove pipe cooler.

Door Treatment ( Frame Molding ). We liked our treatment better that’s all. Formed a better exterior line and finish.

Moving Snow: Cleaning your top and Walls. A Pool Brush Works Great. LONG HANDLE.

We’ll have more on the insides soon. Banco’s (Benches) Loft Sleeping Space, Office Space, Hanging Space. Regular furniture does not work in a yurt. My opinion. Excuse me…

We did not use steps for our entry. Wood chips piled up near level and inset sand stone walk. It’s like a ramp and easier for Grandma..

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