Walk anothers path

Walk anothers path
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Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Wolf. (MAKAI) Thanks BBC

What I know of the Wolf. Love.

Meeting The Wolf Girl
lynn-96 ....a story for Brooke

While hiking deep within the old growth forest of the Chugach Mountains in Alaska I met a wolf girl.

She was shy and much more sensitive than I. So in touch with her child self. She said...

Listen to me and I will help you to find your child self. I listened for she was wise.

I am a wolf and also a girl she explained. I have great desires and you must honor my sense of self.

I am at peace with myself, my being. I am also nature. Within myself and nature...
I rest, gain strength and live...

Sometimes... I soar with the eagles. Gaining clarity of vision and freeing myself from my limitations.

As I return to the forest... you may also return to the forest she said. You may not see me but I'll be there. You'll be protected, I'll share my strength , my vision and together we'll grow.

Sometimes we'll travel together and sometimes apart. Our spirits will be drawn to the mountains and together we'll climb... confident in our direction for new lessons await.

The wolf girl spoke again... Will you have faith and believe one thing.

I answered yes.

Nothing... Absolutely nothing happens in the creators world by mistake. Do you believe this she asked. I replied yes....

How is it your so wise I asked... That's easy... She said... I'm seven and seven is a very powerful mystical number. There are seven heavens, the world was created in seven days and I am youthful.

All of a sudden I was alone with the moon and the stars. Yet never lonely... For every night I hear her sweet song singing, nooooooeeeeeeeellllllll.

I love you Brooke- dad

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