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Sunday, February 4, 2007

Yurt (Part 2) Rafters Walls, Seams

Yurt Part 2 ( Rafters, Walls and Seams.)
As mentioned in Part 1. Inspect your order before you accept delivery. Rafters 8 bent, three not notched at the factory. Bent rafters according to MFGR can effect you Yurts structure. This is why it is important to document. So the MFGR can not say it was your fault in some way i.e. a bad set up on your part. Our Mfgr says NO YURT MFGRS WARRANTY RAFTERS. I wonder. Check Your Order.

Walls. Our Mfgr says their walls were designed to INTERLOCK and not overlap. Not big deal really. I have had experience with overlapping walls. I guess we should expect to get what the Mfgr promises in their literature and on their website. The explanation from the MFGR. It was an old design. Why did we get a old design and still have to wait several months for our order to ship. We don't know. Also at the time of ordering. There was an offer for a FREE UPGRADE to 7' walls. We asked about the upgrade but were to late I guess. (Ask as many questions as it takes to make sure your getting it what your ordering.)

Other wall notes: Some Mfgr's round the tops of their walls. I guess this is to minimize wear on your top cover. We padded our rafter and wall ends where they meet the top cover to minimize wear which was obvious fairly quickly, and we will this summer sand all wear points on the walls and rafters so we minimize this wear issue. Also on the walls. Some Mfgrs. inset the rivets. This is also a wear point in not inset. Especially if you do not insulate your walls. Lastly. The attachment of the walls to the door frame. We had a real problem with this. Could not fit the walls to the door properly. The Mfgr suggested we cut 1" off the top of the wall section to make the hinge fit. As you can see in the picture we did as instructed but the fit is still POOR. Only attaches by one screw. Our Mfgr stated that any modifications to our Yurt VOIDED our WARRANTY. What about the modifications we were asked to do by the MFGR. Are they covered. I don't think so. We never got a Warranty. Why. The Mfgr's Lawyers were still working on it after eight years. Ask for a copy of warranties before you order. Sounds reasonable! "CYOA" too!

Seams. All SEWN SEAMS need to be Seam Sealed unless sealed at the factory. Double Check. ( Seam Sealer Not Provided. ) ASK. The more seams the more likely problems you might face. Our Yurt as you'll see has multiple seams on the top cover. Some Mfgr's have found a way to avoid multiple seams and I imagine it was due to several factors. Less Mfgring time and a less chance of failure. Might be other reasons too!
Seams. Are they all flat and uniform or are they uneven. What effect will this have on the life of your Yurt and your Warranty? Check all seams. Sewn or Glued. Most of the sewing on our Yurt was single stitched. ( I would have preferred double stitching. Stronger.) and we also had a 1' sewing tear on our soft cover. Windows. The Window treatments, Seams not fully glued at the bottoms of the window. CHECK IT ALL. You get it home it's yours.

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