Walk anothers path

Walk anothers path
Learn to dance a new dance

Friday, January 26, 2007

Happy New Year 2007

Or as mom says.. HAPPY EVERYTING!
2008 a new vision is well underway and we're pumped....
can you tell.
Yeah! Yeah! Turn it UP!

Let me show you more..Magic. Photoshop

Fun with Adobe-Photoshop. "Burn Tool" Click on the image to see the full size. Then look close. What do you see? Rock Carvings? How many?

I knew there was more here and as usual I could not see it. So I used my skills in Photoshop and my curious nature. What I found was as Paul Harvey says"The Rest Of the Story"

Trust what you see.. always look more deeply. It's there.. what your looking for.
Image 1

Image 2

Now what I see. The Eagle Clan was here and with them were several "Power Beings and Medicine People". Can you tell me more... Please!

What I do I am.

I can do many things thanks to those of you who have taught me well. Thank you for your visions. Your knowing and love. Lati

Shared by friends.
"Peace Is Every Step"

If I were there I would take your hand... Look into your eyes.
I would say. I do not understand you enough...
Please tell me... so that I can learn to love you properly.
I do not want to make you suffer and If I do it's because of my

Not Two !
To comprehend something we must pick it up and be one with it.
Not to stand outside and observe it.
Feel the feelings, suffer the sufferings, and enjoy the joy.
I can not resist loving another when I understand them.
by Thich Nhat Hanh, et al

It's Not Free Unless you give it AWAY or give it up.

Need a hug. Give one FREE...
Don't know how... Juann Mann will show you.
Juan Mann... One Man. Free Hugs. What did we forget that he's telling us?

Meet Terra! Hear Her Music....

See what she has created. I like her reality. Her love shows and it came back to her so well...loved. Enjoy her!

Thank you Terra. So Much. Lynn

There is no EXIT SIGN.

I love these guys.....
The Blue Man Group.


Low Rider! Surf The Earth

This video was made in Alaska in 1996. Do a search for Virtual Valdez. Me and my bud The Boss were creating brodcast yourself... Here is one of the first!
Boss Balling Hog... other wise know as Numan... The man!

Oh man has this exploded.... Broadcast LIFE!
Till then.. Surf's up!Ride the wave...... Man!

Wear a helmet and stuff.... Safety is NO ACCIDENT!
Rider 1: Van K. #2 Dave, #3 "ME" and #4.... he went over the guardrail and Alaska keeps what it owns.. Even my soul!

Look In An Eagles Eye!

Have you ever looked into the eyes of an Eagle?
I have seen Tse.

It was quite shocking really. A reality I never knew.
None the less I opened myself and Tse came in.
We fley together many times.
She told me many stories
She gave me so much love
She showed me the Great Mystery.
The Oneness of All Things
She believed in me.
She gave me wings. hers and mine.
Tse Died. Look into my eyes and listen to the story of Tse.

Look into these eyes. Play FULL SCREEN
Tell me what you see.
How does it changs your life?

Support Wildlife.
That's a start!

Music: Shan Colvin
Small Repairs.

Think about it. Small Repairs.
Fix ourselves, fix the world.. It ain't broke yet!
(All picts and artwork on this and most of this blog are mine) Share....

Mechanial Advantage. What Wally Knows.

Knowledge is always a good thing. Need to move something.. Let Wally Show you how. Modern man looks to the past and learns something? Or has he discovered something new? Wally know the "ROCK PEOPLE" and followed his nature.

The Rock People.
What I know about them.
They have great patience
They are very wise, stong, grounded in mother earth.
They will be long after we are gone.
We should sit with them and have patience.
Enough to know our past.
aho Lati

Demolition Goes Wrong?

What went wrong on 911. WTC. Not much looks like..It came down just as planned and quick. How stupid are they? Are we? Anyone know who they are? I'm kinda of in denial right now.....
Just a thought...

Hotel SanDiego and Bloody Mary's...
It's comming down...

Anonymous. "Comment Poster" Read This. Please

When I go to Google or Other places on the net where people post comments and do not show who they are. It makes me ask why? It's in my nature. Really who are you hiding. Not yourself. Not fom the people who TRACK every aspect of our internet travels... Where we go what we do, see, send, email.

Data tracking software really gives these people " the ones who track this stuff " all they need to know about us. It's the digital age... Go figure. Speak your voice, share the real world, exposeure.

Take off your mask!

Money Matters. PAY ATTENTION!

Money Matters. What is the History of Our Banking System. The Federal Reserve. Not!
Get out of debt
Buy Gold
Learn to live more simply
Learn to be resourceful
Learn to spend less and live more
Stop: Supporting big business.
Spend Locally, Shop Locally. Support your community.

Money talks and it gives "WE THE PEOPLE" more power than we know. For one month for example only buy gas from Shell, and then next month from someone else. If we all did just this. I mean ALL. Would it have an impact? PROTEST and Protect you investments in yourself, family, community. Invest wisley.

There are many more posts like this.
What do they say.... Money takls... BS... walks.