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Sunday, February 4, 2007

Yurt (Part 1) A quick review

Yurt 1:
Welcome to Yurt building (Part 1) in 1 minute 47 seconds.
This clip covers all of the aspects of building our Yurt. It took us three days to complete the set up and move in. All went well with most of the set up though we did experience some problems which I will cover in Parts 2-4.

When your Yurt arrives. CHECK YOUR ORDER. Be detailed about your inspection. If for some reason your parts are not proper, or you discover other issues. DO NOT ACCEPT THE ORDER. Now is the only time you can send it back. If not you'll have to work with your MFGR on warranty issues. ( Bring a digital camera with you and DOCUMENT ALL problems you have if any. You'll need them later. If no problems... then you have some great picts of your Yurt set up process.)

Despite our problems we got it together and with a bit of original thinking and some minor repairs, alterations we made it work. We had to! Some of the issues ( As received from the MFGR) included 8 bent rafters, 3 rafters not notched at the factory, Wall attachment to the door frame had to be modified to fit and then it fit by only one screw. Walls overlapped. (Were supposed to Interlock. Mfgr. said we got an older design. Said also that they sent a fix for this problem. Never did.) There are some other issues I'll show you. Till then...Enjoy and learn something from our mistakes and modifications. Got a Yurt story to tell.... Please Share. In my searching the internet I found only a few posts on Yurts and set up. I hope this helps. Oh yea… The Door and Center Ring. The Door. Door hardware not installed (knobs and locks) Ask or have the tools and know how. Note the door plate is not rounded to fit the platform. The Mfgr did send a replacement a few weeks later after we had our yurt set up. Another fix that will have to wait till summer. Mfgr note: Other customers did not like te door plate so they were upgrading..Go figure. The Center Ring. Due to the bent rafters. Seems like some of the fit (s) were off at the top. We measured all of the holes in the Ring. Some were not the same depth. Did this effect our fit? How will it effect the longevity of out yurt…Who Knows. Check your order.

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