Walk anothers path

Walk anothers path
Learn to dance a new dance

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Simple Thoughts


When you want to focus your hearing
Use your hands to partically cover your ears
You know... like when you were a child.
Listening to the Ocean
As an Boater scouting a river and knowing the tones
of calm or danger as they eco from the canyon below.....

Listen carefully. In nature it is so much more simple.
No distractions to just listening... especially if your all alone.
Love yourself, nature,your family and all nations.

I'll see you at or in the river. Go with the flow!!

UTube ( YOU CHOOSE 08 )

In the "News". UTube announces "YOUCHOOSE 08.
In the media this is being touted as an opportunity to share your voice, make video comments and alike. Some allow comments and some do not. For the one's that do not.... WHERE IS OUR VOICE, How willl they hear us and support our communities and our vote? They have their voice. Make sure we have ours. Thanks.

Speaking of Thanks... A Day of Thanksgiving....
Are we as a world THANKFUL and Blessed? Are we living this dream. Are all People and Nations Thankful and blessed? ( THIS IS NOT JUST AN AMERICAN DREAM )

Hillary: Comments not allowed
McCain: Commnets not allowed?
Oboma Comments Allowed?
Joe Bidendot: Allowed comments.
Rudy Giulian. No comments allowed
Bill Richardson. Allowed Comments.
Gov Mitt Romney:Allowed comments
John Edwards allowed comments
Kucinich 2008 Allowed Comments

We need to have voice and to have a president who will truly lead US. We are facing many issues and some will be very pressing in the next few years.
A few concerns I have are.

Peak Oil, US Economy, 911 The Truth, Global Warming to mention a few. America do not be seperated, We are a Great PEOPLE and it's time for US ALL to Be working on the same page. We need to get it right this time. Make sure your " OUR" voice is heard and you vote count. I'm not a Rebublican or Democrat ( I've gone both ways. I'm for the one who will real make changes I am a US CITIZEN an American, your neighbor, and a friend.... I am a world citizen. Let's get it done... right this time.... Stop that HATE and BE ONE....Thanks

Oh Yea! We need a President who will STOP the fear mongering an UNITE all world communities as one....

One voice Silenced JFK

Another Voice Silenced MLK

What have we learned?
Theodore Roosevelt: Conserving America's Future. Not just America. THE WORLD!

Corporate Coup in the U.S.