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Walk anothers path
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Thursday, February 1, 2007

Israel Kamawiwo´ole. Over the rain bow

We are blessed to have known Israel. Mahalo Bra'da.
From Molokai Boy. The Ohana is one.

We are the rainbow. I know this so does Israel Kamawiwo´ole.

Another vid of Israel. .. Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - Somewhere Over The Rainbow Lyrics

FREE YOUR HEAL. Is this the Willie Bro's or What.

I love to telly............ It is freeing. It is dance, It is flying on earth.
Tele till you drop....Dead.

Virgle... Come to NM and lets shred...Yurt Style. No CB.
Willie Bro's. A personal reMARK for a friend of mine. We spent so many days like this skiing in Washington, playing pool and drinking a few brews. I miss my bud...
and he's welcome anytime... ask TREA-X...

Speaking of OFF THE GRID. Totally off

Old cowboys don't get old by being stupid.

He tole me... Lynn
Never count your blessings before your a sitting on the couch at home......
Even he knows Sh-- Happens and Safety is no ACCIDENT.....
That's my bro

Mama's Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys

A Creation Story ( By an Eight Year Old) Brooke!

A Creation Story
March 14, 1997
Brooke Makai Noel

Once upon a time in a faraway land lived a little seed of birth that God has given a land of Nothing: he called it that because all it is is a land of rock, a little island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and that seed grew: first it gave onecelled creatures, then the creatures came together for a meeting. "this Island is hardly anything, we're the only life, we need something more" and so God planted another seed which gave grass, lakes and waterfalls.

Next God took a bottle from where she lived up in heaven, broke it up in tiny pieces. The biggest piece made the sun. It reflected on heaven's lights. God shaped the glass into one ball and put holes on every side and then put fire inside. The one celled creatures were happy; as soon as they went down by the lake to drink they realized the lake was so far away and they were hot. They prayed "please were hot hand thirsty, let us have shade.

God made trees, a rain forest, thunder and night. She called the light day and the
darkness night. This pleased the cells at first ; then everything felt so big they had nightmares of being stepped on. One of the oldest creatures had a dream which she told everyone at meeting time. "My one celled creatures, we are so tiny no one will be able to see us, it would be an accident if we were hurt but we can create illness just by living, that we cause harm is an accident just like if they were to harm us.

If they get sick they will try to get healthy by killing us but we must try to live. Wouldn't we rather live and then have died instead of die without trying to live. We will show the other animals they have only lived on earth one minute compared to us and so God created cougars, reptiles, mammals, rodents, fish and birds, but she did not make humans yet. Then she realized that island was the only land. If she put one
more thing on it it would be too crowded so she created more land, and more and more and more until it looks like it is today if you can imagine it without humans and human's work. She took one female and one male from heaven, took off their wings and sent them down to earth.

They made babies and their babies had babies and step parents and brothers and sisters and everyone had babies and on and one until they figured out craft work to make things like they are today. They worked and worked and worked. As soon as they make a bed a bed they lied down to rest in so they could work and work some more until they worked today. But the two angles were so big and their daughters were so big and so was everyone until they learned to shrink with all the work, God didn't want them to hurt the littler creatures so they turned the angles into stone statues. The people who saw them blessed them and anyone who Became too big turned into stone.
Soon people blessed them and made their own statues of people in history that were great to them and that is how it is to this day.

A song about the story:

Oh if all the people were made out of clay and the statues too then god would make them all of stone and they would have babies and the rest of us would not even have a clue what they would do they have all the things they needed and all the rest of that they even had animals but they never caught a bat. and that was all of that when they caught a bat they simply wanted more they simply wanted more but a little girl let it fly away right through the door she liked to watch it fly and fly straight out of the door though sometime she swooped at mosquitoes, sometimes she would not she had alto of freckles she had a big dot on her forehead she went to Australia instead she helped the animals all over the earth she got a job of being a forest ranger I have plenty of things to take care of and that is what I like and she helped nature grow and grow in spit of the people all over town she ignore them
sometimes even her parents because she was so into nature, she loved the sound of nature on top of the group all the honey bees and bird and reptiles all the animals she would bare we could take care of the air so she could breath but what she really wants was a little girls and all of nature.

A Shelter

Norma and Brooke in Alaska at my cabin. Norma.. Mom and Grandma
A Shelter
2002- Kansas
Brooke Makai Noel
A shelter from the wind.
A shelter from the rain.
A shelter by a river for food,
growth and gain.
A shelter from the snow.
A shelter from the sun.
A shelter to put my home in
where my family are one.
A shelter for two or three or for
many other families. Many, many more.
More people come and shelters have to move.
Many people go and on it goes.
Time and time again.
Little corners left.
Why is it our neighbors are many miles west ?
They can take a shelter, but they can not take a home.
A home is where your heart is.
Not just where we are from.


Brooke Makai


When we part the walls of silver lightening
to stop the wars and all the fighting.

Where little children rest their heads
and start their dreaming in their beds.

Of a new world, a better peace
Where they grow at their own pace.

Green Day - Warning (Music)


The Cost Of Living (LOST)

Cost Of Living (LOST)

Did a search for the Cost of Living

The Cost of living has just gone up and your ol'lady has just gone down..
Cosmik Debris - Zappa Wiki Jawaka"You might not believe this, little fella, but it'll cure your Asthma too!" ... "The price of meat has just gone up An' yer ol' lady has just gone down... Don't eat the YELLOW SNOW. TURE ENOUGH! Thanks Zappa!

and the TV series "LOST" ( Art imitating life ) Why is HOLLYWOOD always so far ahead of the game? Matrix, Aliens, Ozzy and Harriet.

The Green Pages

Power Generation.
Solar, wind, hydro and more.
Have other links to share.. Sources... Please Share
Like the Green Trust Sustainability & Renewable Energy

Cool Solar Collector

Acro Solar Lasers

plant education for youth : ecotech permaculture

After all it's about our future. The Children... Us old guys and gals... we're almost done for. The Golden Years! If mom finds the one who coined the pharse. The Golden Years... She'd show him golden....

For others so lucky to have a GOLDEN PARACHUTE... Happy landings. Flying is easy...landings can be hard... Safety is no ACCIDENT! Cheers.

Free Energy - Zero-Point Energy Extraction from the Quantum Vacuum

Tom Valone

Tesla.... I gave you a chance eariler in my blog to learn more about Tesla and his knowledge... Tesla Lives yet is continuing to be shuned by BIG Goverment, Big Oil and whoever does not want something to be free... Got to PAY to Play.

Tesla 1891.... What did he say about this matter. FREE POWER

Off The Grid

Wow. Normal people living off the grid. Big Screen TV, Computers, Blow dryers and living, saving 60% more that other Canadian's.. Let's see some normal Americans living "OFF THE GRID" Have stuff to share on building, solar,win... share it


Climate report gets last-minute edit in Paris

Bureaucrats, scientists work in secrecy to pull together major environmental study.

Work together.... Go figure.... But why does their meeting always have to be in SECRECY?How green are you? Work out your carbon footprint and find out.......

Ramsey Clark speaks in Washington (9/24/05)

This was in 2005. A long time ago, many lives lost on all sides. American and others. War fules only the ones fuling the war. Is this another oil profit issue. Our Forgin Policy. Any president who does this to his world is selfish and must be outted. We'll see what Americans do...

Why did we out Nixon and try to out Clinton over tapse and sex... Go watch tv... and continue the distraction of our life from the real issues. Act not. If not.. what will the next two years bring. Higher oil profits, Iran....Yikes.
Have a great day....

What one Vermont Town has decided. and what they decided on...
Whereas George W. Bush has:

1. Misled the nation about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction;

2. Misled the nation about ties between Iraq and Al Quaeda;

3. Used these falsehoods to lead our nation into war unsupported by international law;

4. Not told the truth about American policy with respect to the use of torture; and

5. Has directed the government to engage in domestic spying, in direct contravention of U.S. law.

criminalising non-violent protests

This is a good one. Not unlike Bush telling us speaking out aginst his policies is a form of Hate Speach. What happened to Freedom Of Speach? See my other posts on Free Speach. Our right are slowely being limited. Want to travel. Get a Visa, Boarders closing, Arg! I want my voice... if for mothing else... To say I love You:-) If we can not protest in nonviolent ways what is left... Revolution.... Sh-- another war

The Power and Potential of Nonviolent Struggle

The are many ways to take a stand on something without violence. Tell me about violence in your lives. How have you stopped it and shown this other way. Non Violent. Show some love and pass it on...

Exxon Mobil reports $39.5B annual profit

HOUSTON --Oil giant Exxon Mobil Corp. on Thursday posted the largest annual profit by a U.S. company -- $39.5 billion -- even as earnings for the last quarter of 2006 declined 4 percent.

My income declined by more than 4% and I did not make 39 BILLION. Where is the money going... out of our pockets while Big Business... Shell,Exxon,Halaburton,Clear Channel Communications, Wallmart all take huge profits. This must stop. Giving our money to these insane profiteers... Not profiting the people the serve. What happened to Customer Service, The Coustomer is always right. Equal trade for goods and services... We are buying them the farm.... ours.