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Walk anothers path
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Monday, February 5, 2007

How to Yurt ( Pert 5) Interior. Platform and Stuff

How to Yurt (Part 5)
The insides. First shots are just after moving in. Winter came along so we needed to move indoors and get some more work done. We build a loft. Benches, Installed our stove and tile work. The loft: Anchored to the floor in several places also the benches help give the platform support and stability. The other benches are used for storage and sitting and sleeping spaces for guests. Under the bed is an office space which has a desk and under the benches is storage for files. Like a file cabinet.

We looked around for padding for the benches. Reg. Foam was to expensive so we kept shopping till we found a great deal on some cushions. We paid 50.00 instead of 400.00 that worked for us. The additions have really made the place. Next we are working on insulating the top. We’re making individual panels for each rafter section. Not insulating like suggested. Why: Condensation. Seems to be an issue in most of the yurts I’ve lived in and been in. We’re hoping our fix will work out great. I think so.. But come back later to find out how it goes. Next video. Our Yurt warming party. Lots of people and friends came to see our yurt. Many were interested in a yurt of their own. We took a tour of other yurts in the area as well so we could compare. It was a great weekend.