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Walk anothers path
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Thursday, February 1, 2007

Exxon Mobil reports $39.5B annual profit

HOUSTON --Oil giant Exxon Mobil Corp. on Thursday posted the largest annual profit by a U.S. company -- $39.5 billion -- even as earnings for the last quarter of 2006 declined 4 percent.

My income declined by more than 4% and I did not make 39 BILLION. Where is the money going... out of our pockets while Big Business... Shell,Exxon,Halaburton,Clear Channel Communications, Wallmart all take huge profits. This must stop. Giving our money to these insane profiteers... Not profiting the people the serve. What happened to Customer Service, The Coustomer is always right. Equal trade for goods and services... We are buying them the farm.... ours.

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