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Walk anothers path
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Sunday, January 28, 2007

10 Rules I live with. Can You?

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Aho. Lati

Lakota Instructions for Living

Lakota Instructions for Living.. in 54 seconds. It's just that simple.... GET IT.

Willing To Become a Tree
Lynn Noel
7-99- Kinsley Kansas

I had just come from within the medicine wheel with my friends.... The night moon was full and bright. It was a magical night of mystery.

I walked the roadway my bare feet touching the earth. I saw a tree stump cut just above the ground... I stood upon the tree.. As if to be a tree.

It felt uncomfortable... this bonding with the tree. Pain rippled through my feet and up my legs...

What was this pain.. to whom did it belong... To me, the tree or was it a shared pain in our knowing our scars.

We struggled the tree and I.... shifting, adjusting our weight , balance and fit....
Suddenly my arms reached out... branches of the tree my arms became.

I stood tall within the spirit of the tree... within the sacred life. Almost as suddenly as my arms had raised... the fell to my sides.... eyes closing.

Eyes open to the night moon and to the mysteries of life. I stood tall, bending, strong and sure of the tree... I could see my arms holding the moon, I could feel my arms at my sides holding my spirit.

As I stepped off the tree. I bent to touch itís scared surface with my hands..
a few more words and we parted... Each thanking the other.... For a moment we forgot the connection of balance of the sacred life.

Bless you my roots, our roots I said.... the tree replied: Beneath the scars my roots still grow and will forever support anyone willing to stand with me and be a tree.

The Wolf. (MAKAI) Thanks BBC

What I know of the Wolf. Love.

Meeting The Wolf Girl
lynn-96 ....a story for Brooke

While hiking deep within the old growth forest of the Chugach Mountains in Alaska I met a wolf girl.

She was shy and much more sensitive than I. So in touch with her child self. She said...

Listen to me and I will help you to find your child self. I listened for she was wise.

I am a wolf and also a girl she explained. I have great desires and you must honor my sense of self.

I am at peace with myself, my being. I am also nature. Within myself and nature...
I rest, gain strength and live...

Sometimes... I soar with the eagles. Gaining clarity of vision and freeing myself from my limitations.

As I return to the forest... you may also return to the forest she said. You may not see me but I'll be there. You'll be protected, I'll share my strength , my vision and together we'll grow.

Sometimes we'll travel together and sometimes apart. Our spirits will be drawn to the mountains and together we'll climb... confident in our direction for new lessons await.

The wolf girl spoke again... Will you have faith and believe one thing.

I answered yes.

Nothing... Absolutely nothing happens in the creators world by mistake. Do you believe this she asked. I replied yes....

How is it your so wise I asked... That's easy... She said... I'm seven and seven is a very powerful mystical number. There are seven heavens, the world was created in seven days and I am youthful.

All of a sudden I was alone with the moon and the stars. Yet never lonely... For every night I hear her sweet song singing, nooooooeeeeeeeellllllll.

I love you Brooke- dad

Lt. Ehren Watada on Refusing to Serve in Iraq

Lt. Ehren Watada speaking at the Veterans for Peace 2006 National Convention August 12, 2006 in Seattle about refusing to serve in Iraq

I was in the Navy. I loved my service as I love my country. I support Lt. Watada.

Michael. A Lokota Medicine Man. ( Thanks)

I was working one day in AZ. I was told I would meet a Lokota Medicine man several weeks eariler. This day Michael walked in. Few words were spoken between us. Michael invited me to his home so he could speak in the proper place.

We had lunch and blessings and then Michale and I went to another room. I gave Michael a gift acknowledging him in my life. A feather. I had questions. but I know it's better to listen.

I understood as Michael told me of his life. I understood it was my life.

If this is the path you choose. It will be a lonely one.
Family and friends will be your critics and often will tell you they need you more than others.

The ones who really need you will ask. They will ask in a proper way and you will go and give them what they need. They will also support you but not with money. They have none.

This was all Michale told me. It was enough.
I knew I had already decided... I was alone and now I am one on a journey. Will you come... I can only ask. You are free to say NO! I'm used to traveling alone.


My Personal War. I won... Native Son

Warning: Note:
This is not a true call to War and I do not ask anyone to harm another. It is a call to your soul to know yourself and to cut out that in your lives you know is not right, that which is not necessary. Rethink who you are, who you have become. Find your true self and true name. When you have done these things speak your name and I will hear you and know that I am not alone in hearing the cries of the children, of the elderly and in my passing I will not be alone for I will know that I passed on in a good and honorable way knowing that I will not be forgot. Because you know my name and I know yours. My friend. I bless my mother "Norma" and my friends and the silence I have known in my life. I bless All My Relatives who have spoken to me in a good way.

I am Lati.

Native Son
Kinsley Kansas

I am a white man because of the color of my skin, because of my family and our lineage and because of our language which I have learned, spoken and continue to create. Our culture now reaches out to create in our image a new world

Throughout time, my time, my family, forefathers were all raised in the ways of the culture.It is not I would like to think anyone's fault.... It is as we were raised.

It is what we know as a culture, men women, children. It is the knowledge and ways of our ancestors...We are a lost culture and we are afraid and in our fear we seek to destroy ourselves our children and our home. Mother Earth.

Fear.. because we are ignorant, small and single minded... Our shame.... we are without heart... without spirit.
We are becoming a world culture who is creating our language which continues to bury our children and our elders
without dignity... without honor. For our people I mourn... For we are truly a lost people.

I am a Native Son because beneath my skin like all brothers, sisters I am.... we are red, we are one.. all things all my relatives. With all my relatives I sing a mourning song for that which world culture is destroying without regard because of greed and oneness.... of self.

I turn my back to these things now... these ways, this culture... that which the our culture says is good and proper... further they say they are right because their god and religion justify their cause and actions to all others on this planet... this world. There is only one "God" and he/she is within us all. There is no separation from self just as there is no separation from "God"

I am a Native Son and I turn now to face the center with my all my relatives and embrace my true family.... for it is here within the center I must be to truly know our hearts as one... all my relatives.

You might ask how it is I come to this place, this heart, this knowledge of the Great Mystery ? It is quite simple. I have journeyed far and long... a life time... far from the culture you create and your ways. It was a hard journey and long fighting the battles of the soul.

It was a journey I took into the wilderness alone. I was alone with my heart. With this knowledge I have been taught and have learned. Within moments of my arriving I knew something was desperately wrong. I knew I must fight the sacred fight. The battle of self for I could no longer lie to myself, cheat myself or surely I would die and within moments if not within days or weeks.

I knew at once I must forget that which I had been taught by many in my life. Forget the language of the elders I knew for they were not wise and or honest in their teachings of the proper way to be.

Alone. I began the struggle. The fight. I survived the moments, the days, the weeks and as time grew long and turned into years I found myself one day surrounded by all my relatives. They came to me and spoke. I was astonished for I thought they could not speak. They were all there. The four legged, the winged ones, the swimmers and the crawlers. The green, the waters in the forms of rivers, streams, lakes and the ocean. The old ones the rocks and mountains. Mother Earth and Father Sky, The Four Winds and Directions and I found myself within the Great Mystery and I was humbled. I am humble and therefore I listened with patience. I knew I must be quiet so that I could hear and truly understand their language.

They took me to a place deeper within the wilderness far from everything I thought I knew. As we walked in silence the gathering grew and grew and the forest became deep and dark. It was a place where everything was wet and cool and as I walked I became as clean and as pure as the land upon which my bare feet now walked.

All at once the darkness within my soul and the forest opened up and the sun shined in with a brilliance and warmth I will never forget. There we all there with me. All my relatives. We spent the day in preparation for the night to come. The meeting of the council the furthering of my teaching and the knowing of my life.

I was given a name at birth (Lynn) I was given a name by my friends the Owl and Bear (Lati). Now I would come to know my name and my true self as one. Tonight I would for the first time speak my name with courage. I am Lynn/Lati. Hear my name as I speak so that you may also know my name.

I come to you now and in a humble way to tell you my story. To tell you the story of who you are and the story of the world culture we have become. Some of you know your names and speak them clearly and in a good and proper way. Be sure I hear you now as I have always heard you.

Others speak, but they do not know their name and their voice is weak for they are dying. We must answer their calls, answer their cries. For some it will be to late and they will pass on. For the children we must move with great swiftness or they will be lost also as will we all.

I return now to my story... the meeting of the council with All My Realitives They told me of these things I have now told you and they gave me a knife and told me what I must do......

With my knife to the flame I made it pure within the fire. I smudged myself within the sacred smoke of cedar, sage and sweetgrass and sat within the council with my relatives the eagle, bear, elk and raven... I sat quite without a word and listened to the council speak. They told me I am a Native Son and called me to join them in a fight. The sacred fight with all my relatives. The bear spoke to me as he smudged me within the sacred smoke.... As I listened to his wisdom I pulled my blade from the fire and with the blessings of the counsel I go fourth now to do battle with a world culture and their ways.... to fight for the children and the old ones... to protect them from a world culture who have adopted these ways, these teachings, this language and black hearts.

I now sing a warriors song given to me by the bear. Hear me as I growl. Feel my mother earth move as I walk in your direction. Towards you.

The choice is yours as you gave us the choice. Adopt the ways of the earth people or be abandoned and or pushed onto the small reservations you the world culture call our homes.

On the path of war I will wield my blade. Cutting out your tongue so you can no longer speak your language of lies. I will cut off your hands so you can no longer write your words that hold no truth. I will cut out your hearts for as your words and writing they have no honor and no meaning for my people of the earth for all my relatives.

I am not your son, not your brother. I am Lynn/Lati my mothers son. I abandon your world culture to suffer as we have suffered and perhaps to die as you have left countless of my family to suffer or die without honor, without dignity.

As I come to you with my blade drawn. Know that I offer life as well as death. Death without dignity or honor. Life with dignity and honor for all life that is sacred.

The struggle. This fight will be long. Has been long. The battles will be bloody. Have been bloody but we will succeed in our ways, for there is no other way. You will surely kill us all with your ways. So we choose to fight for life. For all life as we the Native Sons are strong within spirit. Strong within all our relations.

This battle may last a thousand years perhaps more, but of this be sure. We shall win and we shall win without your knowing for you are ignorant and savage in your ways and wil

How do I know these things you might ask ?
The reasons are so simple and right under your noses. So close you choose to be blind. Look around you. Your creations even now are crumbling into dust. Returning moment by moment to mother earth from where you came, from which all things were born.

I suggest you run as fast as you can. Leave your cities, your creations, your guns, your violence, your greed, your selfish ways, your teachings, your "Gods which you have made and which justify your struggle"

Take with you your families, friends and neighbors and return to the wilderness to wait by the fire. To wait by the river. To be in the quiet and listen to the council with your souls and hearts open.

I will return with the other Native Sons one day when the battle is done to see what you have learned. To see what your hearts have become and how you have taught and raised our children.

Together we will smoke the pipe, feast and dance the dance of one nation within the circle of life, within the Great Mystery. We shall beat our drums and bang our rattles and blow on the whistle of the Eagle and we shall honor the council, the elders and the children.

We shall then send our children back into the world for they will have the knowledge of the forgotten. The will know the proper way to be. They will know the songs and how to dance. They will know how to live properly within the circle of life.

As for the Native Sons. Here we shall remain. In the wilderness to honor and take care of the elderly who we have shamed and forgotten. In a humble way we will take care of them without a word for we have no right to speak. We shall listen to the elders take the time to understand all that we never had the patience or will to learn all that has been gained in our absence.

We shall learn their language, songs and dance in humble way as we tend to their needs and the needs of the council. The council will also speak and we will listen. Listen to the Four Legged, the Crawlers, Swimmers and Winged Ones. We shall listen to the Thunder Beings and to the Four Winds and to the teaching of the Directions. We shall listen and learn without a word to the Green, to Father Sky and Mother Earth. We will listen to the old ones the Rock and the Mountains for they have had the most patience of all.

Once we have heard their language and know it in our hearts, our souls and when we have become old and wise within the ways of the earth people. Then and only then will our children return.

It will be our time to rest. To be taken care of and respected. By our children. It will be our time to join the council. To take our place as the elders must. It will our time to teach our children. It will be our time to smile for we will know that we have finally come full circle within the circle of life. As we have for the first time in many generations honored ourselves, the red road , our Mother, our Father and All our Relatives. For the first time we have honored our children because we choose fight and won the battle.

Because we have fought and because we have knowledge of the struggle and have overcome ourselves and have become as one within all things. We will teach our children the songs, and the dances of life. Of the sacred life so that they will not forget what we have sacrificed in this battle. Our very souls.

Then at last when we have done our duty in our humble way. We shall return to the fire and return our blades to the council. The war is over and we shall rest for the remainder of our days in comfort till our Mother and our Father takes us home.

This story was born out of a dream in which my daughter Makai and her drum were sought out by the people of this world culture. The people who believe in this world culture of destruction, of lies, of selfishness and disregard for all sacred life. They came to chase her down. To destroy her drum, he heart, and her life because she stands against these ways of this world culture with the Native Sons.

In her wisdom she ran to the wilderness and sought shelter and safety within the comfort a of the council within the comfort of the deep woods. From this place she called my name and crying out that I might hear her and respond. I heard her terror, her heart pleading that these people this world culture and these ways must be stopped. Her life and so many others must be saved. She cried out to me her death song and I heard her plea to live. I heard all of the children cry.

I am a Native Son, as are you all. We are the only ones who can take up this fight. Please lend me your soul, lend me your heart and together we shall move forward to do what we must. To do what our children are crying out for us to do.

Save ourselves from ourselves before it's to late. Before we can no longer stand within the council of All of Our Relatives. Our heads hung in disgrace and as we tell them we have failed.

Bless us All My Relatives as we as I begin the struggle now. Do not give in my Native Brothers we have much to gain. Our honor, our hearts and the praise of our children and of our Mother, our Father, of all life within the circle. All Our Relatives

If we fail. We shall never know it because of our ignorance and we will die alone hearing our children cry.


I ask you now. Go into the wilderness if only for a few days. And when you return... Let me know who you have become. I will be waiting to hear your name as you speak.

I leave now for the wilderness.... for ten days. To know the direction I will take upon my return. I hope we will walk together and in a hubble way with All Our Relatives and our Relationships as one.


George Bush Senior. (CIA DIRECTOR)

Quote:Remark to Reporter Sara McLendon
"Yea Sara, if people find out what we have done, they'll chase us down the streets and lynch us"
George Herbert Walker Bush

The story of my drum. The Center of my life. I am now a keeper.

The Healing Shrine

The Story of My Drum.....
Lynn /Lati Noel
Kansas 1999

From my mother I came

On the ancient lands I grew....
A seed cast on the wind source to meet mother earth.
As I reached out of my shell I touched mother earth... the attraction was instant...

Calling forth my growth.... mother earth open up and accepted my roots and my yearning to join her and all the life she holds within her.... mother earth.
I could not resist our joining.

Plunging my roots deeply within her soils I grew.. a year, five, ten, a hundred, a thousand and more. I became a great home to myself and to all of the creatures of the land and sky. They come to me for food, protection, shade, shelter from the rains and sun.

They climb within my branches, fly and perch on the heights of my highest limbs to rest, gather strength and to know the safety of my home. Here within my home we tell stories of the natural, nature and the wilderness. Stories of all the children Our family of life.

As I grew older, I learned to stand tall within my home reaching for the sky and sun.... though sometimes bending and swaying within the space where earth and sky meet.

One day a great wind blew across the plains.

It was the mountains heart wind down from the north... Honoring the eagles mate....
My trunk has faced east towards her heart for many lifetimes now. I look into the sunrise of her smile with the beginning of each new day blessed by her love and the new life given to us all this new day.

It was during the Hot Sun Moon that a williwa wind blew out of the north... it felt cool on my skin in the heat of summer.... I danced wildly with the north winds.... my leaves flew about with the great winged ones. On the winds we danced....

I reached out one of my limbs to touch the sky...
To short were they.... to high the sky.

So I cast off one of my limbs to the sky. Breaking open and exposing my inner self,
my soul to all..

As the branch fell from the sky earth bound I felt the loss of my limb touch the earth... mother earth again accepted my gift ... my giving of myself to her.

She gave back to me mother earth... healing my opened soul my broken branch cast off
as I danced with the northern winds.

I grew in silence for many years after... reaching for the sky.... the stub that was my branch weathered, decaying began to hollow. It became the claw of the eagle reaching out to capture the sun in the sky as it flew by.

A man came on the north windsource one day. Like an eagle he perched within my highest branches. Looking within my tree he saw my decaying limbs and in seeing them cut them from me. Blessing and healing my wounds. The man then climbed down out of my branches onto my trunk. He jumped into the air as if to fly. Falling gracefully to the earth his feet came to rest on mother earth with mine.

We stood there together the man and I. Tall in the north winds as they gently touched the ancient lands with the coolness of the north, bending, dancing, and silent.

The man laid his hands on me and offered this prayer. Bless you my brother, my sister, the fallen one. Earth, sky and sun set your spirit free to fly with me.

He blessed the north winds, the earth, sky, the sun with his offerings of smoke and prayers in a mindful way. He then told me he was leaving but would soon return to sing the song of your giving and of your gift....
of your life, dying and rebirth.

He left on the east wind carrying with him my scared remains. His touch remains soft on my skin... my bark. I feel his coming and heís not yet out of sight... I watched him fly higher and higher circling above me till his wings touched the sky...

His mate came on the wing.... on the east wind to join him...
they locked talons and tumbled down from the sky separating just above me I could feel the windsource on their wings gently touching my leaves with life....

The two flew off in separate directions the female back to the east and the male to the north. I watched them fly till night fell in pink, purple and sliver. The wolf came with the moon rising across the southern sky... she told me about the eagle she saw flying with my limbs northward.

She also knew this eagle and told me stories about him. He lives in the land of the north slopes near the sea. Between the endless horizons of the sea and mountains. His home is on the Lowe River between Makai and Shauntee Mountains in the range of the Chugach Mountains. From his home he can see from the mountains to the sea... from the horizons of the sun ... of the moon...

There are two rivers flowing through the land below. The Lowe and Valdez. From the mountain tops where the eagle lives their waters were born... together they meet in the valley of the Makai... the wolf. and of the Shauntee... the lynx.... meeting in the valley they flow together within one water across the earth meeting and joining the sea.

The river flows free, running wild and full, from the mountains to the sea... the river is free. The eagle knows the river. The rapids, the canyons, the valleys, eddies, the ëvísí of the correct path on the river... The deep fast moving channels of life which hold us all with the waters to meet the sea.

The Makai told me more about the land of the north... of the endless summer sun of the long days and of the long nights the endless darkness. Of the mysteries of the Northern lights which dance in the sky within the northern land.... of the wilderness nature and the natural ways in which all things there live... The land of seasons of extreme.

...... Silently they sat together the Makai and the tree.... Looking at the moon.. a pair of owls came from within the mystic light... bringing with them the more news of the eagle. One owl spoke her name ìlady of the lakeî and the other was windsource.

The Lady of the Lake spoke of the eagle and how she saw the eagle give your branches to the bear. The bear took the great branch and tore it in two pieces giving them back to the eagle. The eagle carried them to the banks of the river Lowe.... Like eating a salmon the eagle gripped the log in his claws he tore out the interior decaying wood from within the branch with his powerful beak.

The river began to flow red and many creatures came to feed on your remains tossed out of you by the eagle. It was a great gathering of the clan of the north. The eagle stopped his work and spoke to the clan of the north..... the dying, the decay is cleansed and the wood of the cotton wood tree is healed.

Offer your prayers to her ëthe treeí for her giving to us all of herself. In sharing her life, dying, renewal and rebirth. Come now to the valley of the Makai of the Shauntee and sit with me and tell me your stories under the northern lights and the moon.

As the clan spoke their names and their stories the great eagle took his claws and carved their story in the flesh of the logs.... The land of the north of the natural, nature and wilderness.. the clan brought gifts to the eagle... feathers, moss, northern woods and rock, fur, and hides.

The eagle took the gifts placing some within the log resembling his claw reaching out for the sun. This is our heart he said to the clan.... Held within with beauty, mystery, and knowing what we know... what we are sure of... our life knowledge.

He held up the other log... carved in itís skin was a picture of the eagle and of our land... the northern land of two rivers, of the Makai and the Shauntee.. It tells the story of the red road the right path....

The bear gave the eagle two elk hides which he had torn and some shredded lacing ...
the eagle capped the logs on one end tying the heads securely with the lacing to the log.... The bear told the eagle to let the hides dry until the sun rises in the east and await the magic to come.

Another Owl Windsourse is her name.... she came from the east. With her came a hawk,
a raven and a bear known as lazy J. They came from the plains where the cottonwood tree grew. Windsource thanked me for helping to heal her tree. She and the others told their story of the ancient mountains heart of the plains.

Of the ancient lands and peoples, of the great mountains now sand dunes across the plains. It was the story of their lives and of the natural, nature and wilderness within us all. Though in this world. We are not of it... they spoke of the elders knowledge.

Lazy J the bear spoke his story of his life. I am the keeper of the drum... the bear he began. As we listened to the bears story.... We knew we were also the keepers of the drum.. the story tellers of our life, our lives, our nature, natural and wilderness. The protectors of the ancient ways.

Lazy J the bear took up the log from the cotton wood tree on the plains and held
it towards the rising sun. You are the drum he said... meet grandfather sun, and to
the drum he said... this is your brother the eagle... your keeper... the keeper of the drum.

He will keep you in this land of the northern sky so that the stories we have told of our lives will live within his hands and yours. Take your hands from your hearts.... and touch this drum. Tracing the circle of life on itís skin.... take your hand back to your heart and trace the circle of life within your heart.

Begin your drumming following the beat within our hearts... Begin on the edges of the drum again tracing the circle of life, gently waking the spirits within the drum... began moving softly towards the center of the drum with each beat of your heart... softly then loudly as you move to the center of the drum...

When the center of is reached.... beat loudly when you feel our hearts meeting....
we meet within one heart beat. We are the drum The keepers of the drum... The story tellers...

The Owl Winsource spoke again... It is time for the eagle to return with us to the cotton wood on the plains... To bring the gift of rebirth to the land.... the river long to dry is free flowing, wildly from the mountains across the plains to the sea the river is free.

They took flight in the morning sun.... flying into the rising colors of day.
The windsource, lady of the lake, the raven following the beat of the mountains
heart home to the plains to the ancient ones.

As they had left they returned from within the sun they brought the gift of rebirth
to the land the drum to the tree. The eagle told the story of the northland journey,
the story of the drum, the great gathering of the clan and the stories of their life of their hearts... The tree wept with joy seeing her child the drum within the claws of the eagle. Her childís heart beat loudly.

Windsource and the Raven invited the eagle into the medicine wheel on the plain...
the wheel of life. There the eagle blessed the drum and the sacred life of the land of his sisters and brothers of his father and mother, grandfather and grandmother and of all families within the circle of life.

The eagle vowed he would keep the sacred life alive and tell the story of life.
Windsource and Raven shared many gifts with the eagle... the greatest gift was
the meeting of their children.

Strong youthful hearts beating loudly, clearly... We are your children hear our
hearts beating as one with the natural, nature of wilderness. We are youthful and
you our elders must teach us to be mindful of our hearts, of the path on the red road, of the drum, of the circle of life... we are your future. The keepers of the drum.... the story tellers.

Protect us said the children to the eagle... from those which would do us harm...
we are your children... nurture us well with beauty, inspire us with the story of
the sacred life and set us free... Flying beyond your years our story to tell of the
ancient oneís gone before, of the keepers of the drum, of our hearts beating as one.... the children spoke to the eagle.... to me.

The eagle heart was touched by the children.... youthfulness and awe filled the
eagles spirit lifting him higher and higher above the circle of life... the medicine
wheel on the plains... above the children...

The raven joined the eagle in the sun and spoke these works to the eagle....
This eagle your lightning chant... your power and ours. Learn it... know it in
your heart, speak it from your heart.

Know and speak of our hearts beating as one... the ancient ones, fathers,
mothers, grandfathers, grandmothers, the children... our family. All within the sacred life we are alive.

The Lightning Chant
Light of power. Lance of light.
Touch this crystal stone
send its life in arrows through my sacred ground within.
Send the light, send the power...
Touch this crystal stone...
Touch this body. Touch this spirit
Keep the sacred life alive. From the Raven-Sissy. 7-99

The eagle flew into the sun.... His shadow nearly covered the earth....
his wing tips shot lightning out filling the sky. Calling out to the mountains
heart his soul mate to join him. She came on the east wind to join with him.

Talons locking together they blocked out the sun... a moment of darkness ...
the mystery of life took the children home.

Tumbling earthbound... the sun broke from within their spirits filling the sky
with color..... the sky heavy with light with color poured down upon the earth
upon the sacred life alive.

The pair separated to the east and west circling to the north they met at the river long to dry... which now flowed wild and free from the mountains to the plains, from the plains to the sea... the river of life is free. The circle of life is again complete.

The pair of eagles honored their love for each other there beside the river..
Vowing not to forget their love, their friendship, the gifts they received and gave... They vowed to keep the sacred life alive... I also took that vow!

Kinsley Ks.99

Drum with me....

Personal Reflection On My BLOG. What am I learning?

WOW! It's alot of stuff. Good and enlightening stuff I hope. Eluminating the TURTH we try so hard to deny. Our childern I guess is what most concerns me. What is their futuer. What are we creating, manifesting for them? I must have hope in HUMANITY. We are the future. Lies must stop. Our governments are spending us into hell. A hell of our own making. Trillions of OUR dollars and no accounting.

Techonoligies that are available to solve all of the worlds ills are available and yet we're being forced to live to spend. More debt with nothing in return. Not for us LITTLE PEOPLE. I was glad to see people of all levels and stature in the last Video say enough is enough. Many were (are ) willing and have come forth and will even go to congress and tell the truth. Congress and Government does not want this truth to be told. I can't ask why... Not my adgenda. My adgenda... Exposure and light.

This goes out to all who have supported our gonvernment in these lies. Can you join US the PEOPLE of the eatrh and EXPOSE whatever truth's you know. PLEASE. GEt the word out. Eluminate us with your knowing. Thanks in advance.... Lynn

Picture Note: A carving on a drum I made. Emergence. The symbol is very old. When I saw it.. I knew it's lesson. Can you find it. Tell me so I'll know you get it too!

Hint. A way out..... or the way in?

The Best I have seen on UFO'S

Typical: Government Hides The Truth.
Un Typical: Now more than ever people in the KNOW are SPEAKING UP and OUT. Is this a movement we can sustain. BLOW THE WHISTLE..... ON ALL LIES. We can handle the truth... Think about the Techonology We have today. I knew this long ago. Computers and much more all appreaed on our shelves way to fast.

Way more than just UFO's This movie has much deeper things we must ACT ON and NOW!
Who are the 25 people yanking our chain.... I want to know. Do you? Help US EXPOSE LIGHT. Thanks again...

If you only watch part.. watch from 1:00 on.....The last (1) inch or so tells so much about out DENIAL.


Ok INTERMISSIONS Over... BAck to my stroy of ONE.
In this case. The History of numbers. Specifically ONE.

This was a very cool little movie for all ages...Adults can get a different message.
Also.. Money, Intrest, Accounting, Loans. The Money Changers.. It's all here.. even computers... One meets Zero:-) Enjoy Terry Jones.

Rumsfeld Gets Cute At The Podium

Come on now..... You gota laugh at ourselves.... If it ain't funny ...fix it.


Reality imitating Bush... WOW. This is sooooo Bush. This guy is leading who.

Bush vs Bush

What changed? More Bushshit..... Art iminating life.....

GW Bush... John Lennon. ( Imagine )

Rated "X" John Lennon uses the "F" word... I would have to! Don't shoot the messenger. Art ALWAYS IMITATES LIFE....Don't like what you see or hear... CREATE ART.

Common-A Dream (Music)

ALL HAVE DREAMS..... Peace....

Fleetwood Mac-Dreams ( Music )

Create DREAMS and Manifest.

The Cranberries - Dreams ( Music)

You have my heart...so don't hurt me!
We are one....I'll feel the hurt we share also the love.

Listen to the Children..If no one else. They get it!

ONE VISION. Create it and Manifest it through this boy... in yourself. Thanks
Re: I Have a Dream Project - Daniel Stringer... go post yourself...

Carl Sagan on evolution

Great thinkers... Intent. Can it change a crab? Sure.....
Carl Sagan on evolution

I have a Dream. Dr, Matrin L. King.

Nothing else to say. Dream and Manifers your DREAM. Don't forget we are one...and can have one vision.. It's ours to create... But it takes ACTION. Now is the time. Peace fo Peace. Like I said... I love History... Especially when we learn from it.
I have a Dream. Dr, Matrin L. King.

I Have a Dream Project - Daniel Stringer

Tell us DREAM.... NOW! I want to see your vision of things so does Daniel. Show us the love....

Robert Mirabal - The Dance - Native American Music Dance

If you look at the top of my blog you will see a picture. Eagle Dancers. Dare to Dance your life. Dance the Dance.
Robert Mirabal - The Dance - Native American Music Dance

Medicine Man: Robert Maribal

I searched Google for Medicine Men and Shamans. I found just one. Robert Maribal. I had the pleasure of hearing him in person several times and once with my daughter and Suz. We danced on stage. It was easy to be one. Thanks Robert. aho. Lati

-j. robert oppenheimer. (Tears for Us) Our Knowing what we have done.


we waited until the blast had passed, walked out of the shelter and then it was extremely solemn...

if the radiance of a thousand suns were to burst at once into the sky that would be like the splendor of the mighty one...

the optimist thinks this is the best of all possible worlds and the pessimist knows it.

-j. robert oppenheimer

Science and the Soul: J. Robert Oppenheimer and Doctor Atomic

The science of the Soul. It's not so hard to understand... Is it. "IT" Just is....
Thanks again fo taking time for our soul. We are one. How many times must we be told this... Till we get it.