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Walk anothers path
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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Before UTube there was Virtual Valdez

1997 in Valdez Alaska Numan and I started a business. Virtual Valdez. This vid is a Virtual Tour of our home. Valdez, Alaska. We started something big... To bad we did not get paid 6 million for our vision... Oh well.... We loved it anyway. We also taught computer literacy and web building and helped to bring Valdez to the world. Go visit. Ski, hike, kayak, snowboard.... Get out and meet some great Alaskan's.
p.s. Made on a MAC.....
Go Hook Up..
Dean Cummings. H20 Heli Adventures
Rose Fong. Wild Rose By The Sea B&B
KCHU-Public Radio
Virtual Valdez
... there are so many more great people to meet in Valdez. Leave Alaska WILD!

This vid was edited and produced by Virtial Valdez on Monday, July 28, 1997, 7:13:46 PM. It was produced in my cabin. 200sq.feet. No power except what I provided. No running water, out house, a phone line, 300" to 900" of snow per year, endless summers, 9 cords of fire wood per season,family, friends, wilderness.... I was plugged in to my life and the world long ago...

What's changed in 10 years.... Lots. A Yurt and DSL are a great mix with the wild... Go figure.... and I still want to go camping!

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