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Walk anothers path
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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

John Edwards for President

A Link to his SPALSH Page

He has a blog... but someone must vote my (our) comments in.... Go to his web VOTING BOOTH and VOTE US IN...... Our Voice....
We'll see if I get voted in or out. Guess it will be the same for John. Good Luck John.

Statement on BLOG Entries from John:
"Unlike a diary entry, which is immediately posted, a blog entry must receive a certain number of votes from the online community before it can be posted:

A Message from Barack

Here is a link to his website... No BLOGS or public comment views.....
Hope he'll Get this.... You can help make sure he does....

Same thing goes for Barack... Speak to me and other Americans about these issues.

Hillary Clinton

Again... Goto Hillary's website and post on her blog.

I posted my first blog entry on her site today. I wonder if it will appear on her BLOG?

Here is a chance for Hilllary to prove she's not jost another GOOD OLE'Girl.

Bill Richardson For President

Here is a link to Gov. Richardsons OFFICIAL SITE: http://richardsonforpresident.com/

Non Official Website. Hum!

I am asking everyone to make the vote count and to hold our elected officials accountable. If they can not address some if not all of the issues raised in some of the posts on my blog.... i.e. Denial Must STOP HERE, Peak Oil, Global Warming and Global Dimming.... What good are they going to do for us in office. We need a million, a billion voices... SPEAK OUT and UP. Thanks!