Walk anothers path

Walk anothers path
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Friday, January 19, 2007

Denial MUST Stop Here!

Beyond smoke and mirrors.
Beyond Peak Oil
Beyond 911
Never got past JFK, Bobby or MLK.
Beyond all this... You tell me what's next.

Words of a child. WAR!
September 5, 2000
Brooke Makai Noel

In the shade of a tree was a light
In the light was a most useless place
Where people fought with all their might
Bringing in the world to disgrace.

Pain and death was in the air
Where thousands of spears had hit the tree
But no lesser could the soldiers care

And so continued fightingĂ–

People died days, came and gone
Until one morning that came to dawn
Over they're broken bones

The tree began to fall
And so had crushed them all
The light went out
And without a doubt
The rest of the world slept soundly.

Oil, Smoke and Mirrors ( Short Version 50min. )

Smoke and Mirrors... Where have we heard that before? Where have we experienced this type of decption in our daily lives. Sadly I bet like me each of you has experienced something which did not match your reality. Today.. We are exposed to a reality every day which clashes what we are seeing with our own eyes. A reality which is so distrubing one chooses this "altered reatliy" over the pure obvious. Why.

I guess perhaps also like me it's just plain to over powering. It is over powering and that's what it's designers intend. To keep us "ALL" over powered. It's not just an US Government Design though I think they want to be the in the driver seat. Steering this vision some place I don't think I want to go. But that does not really matter I'm just along for the ride.

I have no answers. I do have vision and will try not to let things fog my view of things. The information is there. From All sides, all sources and now with the advent of UTube and other internet sources we can look at it all. We are the PRODUCERS. We have the ability to show OUR TURE STORY. SHOW US YOUR REALITY.
No BS PLEASE... Way to much already. No Smoke, No Mirrors. Just RAW TRUE LIFE.

Who needs TV, EXPLORE the NEW WORLD.. Better yet see some of the OPTIONS below and let's create a NEW REALITY void of SMOKE, MIRRORS and HECK Ya... NO OIL. Oh yea.. forgot we're almost out of oil.....