Walk anothers path

Walk anothers path
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Saturday, January 27, 2007

What's Happening in Washington DC. Today.. Ask Numan

Just got a call from "NUMAN" The Boss Balling Hog!. He's in Washington DC. You know our capitol. What's up? He'll tell us when he gets back. Picts too! "We SOME OF THE PROPLE" are protesting looks like. I wonder what. Bush,War,Taxes.....

I bet it could be almost any of these things. Watch the MAINSTREAM MEDIA TONIGHT. Will we see these protests? I doubt it.

Who wants to see Americans Prostesting. Looks bad for Americans guess...

Be a patriot! Like Numan...Like War Vets, like Americans. Stand UP. Can't be there... act locally. Use your voice, money,vote and peaceful resistance to create change. Thanks NUMAN. I love you man..... Peace for Peace

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