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Walk anothers path
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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Lynn-Six Months to Live (1997)

Lynn- You have six months to live.

I knew when I left Seattle for this cabin in Alaska my life would change.
I had no idea I had so little time to live.
Is this why I wrote this vision down. It was a a chance for life.
My Life's Journey Continues
Lynn/Lati Noel
I came to Alaska leaving behind many meaningful and important things in my life.
As the miles between Seattle became greater I sorted out that part of my life that could no longer be and put it behind me. Like the dust curling behind my truck in the wind. I will also settle down to the earth.

This is a journey of self experience and awareness. Guided by my spiritual guide the eagle. I will climb ever higher so that my visions of life are full. I will also soar close to the earth so that I may experience the moment and detail of its offerings so sweet.

I'll continue to look for my soul mate along the way. I have shared the vision of the eagle's love embrace. Locked together risking their love and friendship on the wing. Trusting in one an other's connection with confidence... they fall nearly to the earth. Only to soar again in celebration of their bond. Separate yet forever together.

I have also shared the vision of the eagle of this land called the last frontier. Alaska. I have seen this place many times in my visions. It's more beautiful than I thought it could be. From a place that fed on my soul to a place that feeds my soul. I am beginning to again feel my rhythm's of life come into harmony with my mother earth.
On the wing... to travel my journey. To explore all that it has to offer with new passion for each moment...
Six Months to Live... I called my daughters and brought them to Alaska. My friend Sharon also beside me. I made my peace as I had little choice it seemed. I had been diagnosed with a progressive cancer in Seattle and was infomed of the news once I got back to Alaska.

Not many know this. Some family and friends. One a dear lifelong friend never knew as we never discussed it. Several years ago I found out John was also diagnosed with the same outcome at the same time. We both were misdiagnosed... Thank GOD! Bad Tests.

This news did not change much for me in terms of my death. I died anyway or big parts of me did.
When faced with death.. not much mattered beyond my daughters, family, friends, my peace with all of them and my peace with or in my death.

Not a job, money, food shopping, laundry, travel, school, my list of what I needed got really short.
How people reacted to this news still shocks me as I see it repeated in nearly every death I have known or wittnessed. It's not about you.. the people who are not dying. It is about the person dying. Help them to go in peace and with your blessing. It's a big journey and one we all will make alone. No one crosses with us.

Some people got angry, others told me to have courage, others walked away because they could not face death... had nothing to do with mine. My death.

Life. What I learned about dying. Generally we'll not get a warning.. We know it's coming and yet we struggle so hard in life. We are dying... What is important in your life? This is your warning to live it "WELL" When the time comes for me. I'll know love and will not struggle. Thank you all who have shown me this way. See you on the other side....

p.s. give away all your stuff so family,friends, foes can't fight over your life things.. Leave them nothing but your love. If they don't get your love... they don't get it.

Death.. No worries. We die and are reborn every day... What can you let die off in your life so that you might more fully live your life? I've died many times. Go to the light.....:-)

Don't pay your DEATH TAX.
Picture Note: Mississippi, Hurricane Katrina. I went to help out and got really tired. This was a place I found to rest, die and be reborn. Mississippi died too. I saw it. Mississippi will be reborn too!

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