Walk anothers path

Walk anothers path
Learn to dance a new dance

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Tonight I Dance

Tonight I Dance
Within the Medicine Wheel
Kansas, 1999 - Lynn Noel/Lati

I dance wildly into a trance, within the spirit energy of my clan.
From our voices rise a chores which draw down to us the raw power from the heavens. We are grounded deeply within Mother Earth. Within the clan, with all our relatives.

As we give rise to this power a woman appears with wings. She comes to me and offers me drink. It's an elixir of magic, that of the sexual energies between a man and woman she explains. She then commands me to drink.

Just rising the glass to my lips, I feel the currents of her being as sure as I can feel the currents of a river...of the oceans surging within my heart. We are in harmony.

She is dynamic, dramatic and every cell of my being vibrates alive. One blissful self. I can not describe it. I must learn moment by moment.

I drink. I feel tremors and I am suddenly weak. I fall to the ground, my body in spasms. I am filled with a great strength of such vibrating intensity I feel my soul shot from within my body to the heavens.

It is there that I am greeted and united by a gathering community and the family of my clan. Within the community of the souls we are bonded by our humanity.

This woman with wings again appears to me. Do you see what you behold? A fire filled spirit of woman. She is strong and unnumbered. She is physical and passionate. She is hard to keep still and so are you.

You are always searching, acutely aware and using good judgment. You are tender and giving to others. You are a teacher and must resist confusion.

You are wisdom and will continue to seek the deeper truths within yourself and life.

I thought you might like to dance this woman said; as with her wings she rose above me, speaking to me as she lifted. Expose yourself now my brother and do not deny your heart so willing to dance with me. Know the woman within and love her as I do the man within me.

I woke laying within the wheel, within the circle of my clan. My long grey hair, my blue jeans and in my waking my friend asked. "So who have you become?"

- note: Today. I have become Lati of course! We are oneness.

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