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Walk anothers path
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Saturday, January 27, 2007

A Poem By Elaine Casey. (My Friend) Happiness It Will Achieve

Happiness It Will Achieve

A pained soul.
Unhappy with the journey that it has taken.
The desire to find it's right partner is growing stronger every day.
Looking back at what it wished it had done.
The depression setting in.
The fear, anger, and frustration all attacking it's border.
Invading and causing havoc.
A light is now shining inside.
A change is occurring.
The hope that something better is out there becomes alive within.
The right partner might be out there.
The soul mate it wants.
Sometimes, It wants to leave with no thought, no plan.
But, that would destroy its chance for survival.
It feels trapped.
Wondering how to get out.
When to get out.
Should it really depart it's existing situation.
Be happy for itself, or make others happy by remaining?
That light continues to shine.
The idea becomes a plan.
The plan will be put into action.
Life will be better.
The depression is still there though.
The existing situation still tries to keep it from leaving.
But it must go.
It must be with the right one.
The soul mate that it needs.
That it wants.
That it deserves.
The time has come.
The decision has been made.
Happiness it will achieve.

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