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Walk anothers path
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Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Humming Bird and Light

I wrote this poem in 1974. I was in the US Navy in Guantanamo Bay Cuba. Some How I guess I knew light would be needed to expose this thuth. Ours.

Wa. 1974
Lynn Noel

In amazement I stand.
As I am surrounded by people.

Their faces seem friendly,
yet within their shadows
are cast their hidden truths.

For a light I pray.
A light to dissolve their shadows,
leaving only their exposed truths, for all to know.

Yet, I also have a shadow. Within it I hide all I wish not to be seen.

I find myself afraid.
Afraid of what the light will expose
my truths as well.

Shall I become one with the others
in the world and find myself hiding in the shadows;
to live in this world of darkness.

I choose the light.
I choose to have nothing to hide.

-- Picture Note: 2007. We have lots of Hummers. In the morning light we see shadows of them on the walls of our Yurt and wake to the beating of their wings. Light Brings Light.

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