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Walk anothers path
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Saturday, January 27, 2007


Just Searching GOOGLE for something... Like a clue, news, knowledge, a job. Search out life. Log off often and get outside, hug someone... Anyone! Make your day Magic.

Search 1: Angry Proteters Results: 1 - 10 of about 117 (0.038 s) RSS (Just In Video)

No Results for "HAPPY PROTESTERS. Hum...
War Protesters only got 54 video results
Peace Protesters only got 5 video results
Just PROTESTERS got 800 or so...

New Search: "ANTI" 22,667 are anti something...
the "FOR" Search=1,658,444.... for something.
"On The Fence" only 50?????????? Wow! I thought there would be a bunch "ON THE FENCE"
Only about 150 "ON THE SIDE LINES"
About 171 "TAKING A STAND"
6 "LEFT EARTH".... Only 6.... They must be connected.
203 were "LEFT IN THE DUST"
11,097 had their "LIGHT PUT OUT"
70,467 were "LOST"
8,776 were "HUNGRY"
only 10 were in "DISPAIR"
178,103 had "HOPE"
and even more had vision 188,103
but only 1 medidated on what he saw....while 25,733 sat silent

How many of us are there... Small numbers for so many. Who is silenced 6,230,000
In Denial 47,900,000
who is MISSING 237,000,000
WORLD POPULATION: World — Population: 6,525,170,264 (July 2006 est.)
Found In "MASS GRAVES"2,070,000
MIA 116,000,000 for mia
101,000,000 are on the hunt.....
266,000,000 will never to be found.
1,090,000 have vision creators...
15,000,000 have a clue
how many survive.44,000,000
How many are in the wilderness.... This is cool... 41,400,000 for wilderness... some already got lost...
but 35,000,000 will COMPLETE THE JOURNEY...
and of that only 697,000will become as ONE.

The last search I did was... WHO CAN HELP ME... 1,480,000,000
Cool.. I need help. Thanks for searching.... I'm glad only 10 of you are in DISPAIR...I can handle 10 all by myself:-)

Welcome to Gadsden.info, my Web site devoted entirely to the Gadsden flag, the defiant "Don't Tread on Me" symbol of American independence and freedom. This applies to ourselves, our government and our rights as "HUMAN BEINGS"

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