Walk anothers path

Walk anothers path
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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Personal Reflection On My BLOG. What am I learning?

WOW! It's alot of stuff. Good and enlightening stuff I hope. Eluminating the TURTH we try so hard to deny. Our childern I guess is what most concerns me. What is their futuer. What are we creating, manifesting for them? I must have hope in HUMANITY. We are the future. Lies must stop. Our governments are spending us into hell. A hell of our own making. Trillions of OUR dollars and no accounting.

Techonoligies that are available to solve all of the worlds ills are available and yet we're being forced to live to spend. More debt with nothing in return. Not for us LITTLE PEOPLE. I was glad to see people of all levels and stature in the last Video say enough is enough. Many were (are ) willing and have come forth and will even go to congress and tell the truth. Congress and Government does not want this truth to be told. I can't ask why... Not my adgenda. My adgenda... Exposure and light.

This goes out to all who have supported our gonvernment in these lies. Can you join US the PEOPLE of the eatrh and EXPOSE whatever truth's you know. PLEASE. GEt the word out. Eluminate us with your knowing. Thanks in advance.... Lynn

Picture Note: A carving on a drum I made. Emergence. The symbol is very old. When I saw it.. I knew it's lesson. Can you find it. Tell me so I'll know you get it too!

Hint. A way out..... or the way in?

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