Walk anothers path

Walk anothers path
Learn to dance a new dance

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Lakota Wisdom Part 1

Lakota Wisdom
Medicine Wheel Teachings
Brooke Makai Noel- Lynn/Lati
What We learned from The Lokota.
Thank you Lokota People for this teaching.
What I Know...
If you try (and with my help)
you can put your powers in a positive direction
and understand them better than ever.
First drop all of your negative energy towards your
present short coming's. Wild horses will drag you away
unless you tame them with love.

Shared Truth...
A reality check is needed!
This is no time to find something new. Let the old
structures fall away.
Don't build new ones ! Be aware of your insides, so as not
to shunt your growth. Surrender and relax your grip in
things or your insides will stay closed.
This will reveal the deeper meaning in our lives.

My Heart...
To find your truth and get back on track...stop playing games
of self deception. Whatever you refuse to acknowledge inside
you becomes an undeniable bad force. Take responsibility for
the situation you have helped to create...
Then and only then will a solution emerge.

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