Walk anothers path

Walk anothers path
Learn to dance a new dance

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Lakota. Don't just insist on your vision...

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Medicine Wheel Teachings
Sept. 2002
Brooke Makai Noel/Lynn Lati
Our Heart
Your ability to give is a gift from the divine.
Once you realize how much life is pouring out of you.
You can not but help yourself and pass it on.. your gift....
Let go... stop holding on to anything.

This opens you to sharing yourself more fully.
That which you give in truth of heart will come back to you
increasing your spiritual wealth, health and well being.

A Vid I did. " Take Off Your Mask" A Brooke Story.

Our Insight
A light goes on and your visions of life are becoming clearer.
You are more aware, open and honest and able to speak from your heart.
On a personal level you are now able to clear up and let go of unimportant matters
and can now share your insights more openly and with more love.
Now... clear ideas and suggestions will now and are now coming to you and will
create movement in the right direction.

Dare to look through the eyes of another ( a child ) Don't just insist on your vision...
See through all eyes. It does not matter when or who suggests the best idea..
What matters is that "it" is resolved in the best way for "all."

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