Walk anothers path

Walk anothers path
Learn to dance a new dance

Thursday, January 25, 2007


In 1996 I "Unplugged from the "Mainstream" and Plugged into the "River"

I moved to Alaska lived in a cabin with a phone line. No Tv. Just the internet and the wilderness. What a mix:-) I loved it. I learned so much about myself, nature, animals. I already had knowledge of the outdoors, rivers, mountains and more. Alaska tested my skills. I survived.. really well... I was not so hard living simple and simply living.

The Internet. My history with computers goes back to the the days of "keypunch and tubes" (Shut Up... I'm not that old) Nor is the history of the computers. I've seen so much. The Internet is the River... It is becoming a TURE SOURCE of INFORMATION.

The MAINSTREAM MEDIA IS OUT. It is no longer the "TWLIGHT ZONE" There is more on the net. If you need it you can generally find it in some form and other people will help you out. Own a Digital Camera. COOL. Keep it with you. Use it. Share the TRUTH of LIFE. ALL LIFE. BUT EXPOSE THE TRUTH.

Zen's Take on YOUR POWER to use a camera.

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